Myanmar Tourist Visa in Bangkok

Bangkok Myanmar Tourist Visa

Myanmar was one of the Southeast Asian countries we knew we absolutely wanted to visit on our trip. Now, travellers can apply for and pay for a tourist visa online before arriving. Bangkok is the easiest place to apply for a visa for Burma. All I want to do is visit Thailand and Cambodia from Myanmar by plane or by road. I work in bkk, I come to him to stay in bkk (tourist visa).

This is our expertise in obtaining a tourist visa for Myanmar during a stay in Bangkok. While you can request an e-visa on-line, we were already in Bangkok and needed a visa quickly.

As a rule, they open the gate at 8.30 am. When entering the lounge, you must indicate which visa you require, whether for tourists or corporate travellers.

Tip: If you have some killing to do, you will find a great café on the lefthand side of the Luka visa bureau.

Click here for more information on the official website of the Embassy of Myanmar.

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