Myanmar Tourist Visa from Bangkok

Bangkok Myanmar Tourist Visa

Getting a visa for Burma (Myanmar) in Bangkok. Burmese VISA Application in Bangkok and Simple Guide to Obtaining a Burmese VISA (tourist VISA). This is an up-to-date tourist visa from the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok. Documents generally required for a tourist visa to Myanmar are:. Visa for Italy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy.

Up-to-date information on obtaining a Myanmar virus in Thailand

Visas in Bangkok are really simple. Appear at the Myanmar Mission before 9:00 am (the line begins to form around 7:00 am). This line-up was a little bewildering, because a metric-tonne of the natives (or maybe also Myanmarers) were already set up in a different row than the one we had to be in.

We were - directly in front of a locked metallic gate under the writing VISA SECTION and posed the next to it. Complete the form, which I suggest you do when you're in line. You' re not getting a number until you fill out the form, and I didn't see any empty form in it when we got in.

There' s a mini van that prints, copies, photographs etc. that will sell the 5-hectare ticket. Please take a crayon and 2 photographs and a color copy of your pass. As soon as the door opens, show your filled out application to get a number, and as soon as your number appears on the screen, take everything to the switch and hand it over together with your pass.

On the same date the visa is 1490 BHt, the next date is 1350 and the normal 2-day process is 800, so if you have the free days, this is much less expensive.

Bangkok Myanmar VISA Application (Tourist VISA)

Myanmar VISA request can be started and picked up on the same date. The easiest way is to arrive early with your pass and your money at the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok. You can put the remainder you need for the treatment together during the queue and hopefully it will help your mind die.

Whilst the use is easy, the waiting line can be long and naturally sudorific. The most recent of my applications saw lines outside the doors lined the wall of the Myanmar embassy. Within the Myanmar VISA applications office, waiting lines wind around the room, one for aliens, a second for Thais. Notice that the Thai line goes much faster.

If you are a foreigner, you have to line up first to be put in a different line; we reach the reception and then receive a license plate for a last waiting time, fortunately on the places, so that our number is given on the loudspeaker. Here you will find rates, opening times, necessary documentation and how to get to the Embassy of Myanmar.

I received a second Myanmar visa in Bangkok in April 2013, 08. Please note: The embassy is in the Surasak area of Bangkok. Actual Myanmar VISA rates (March 2014) in Bangkok are 810 Baht (2 working nights return) - 1,035 (next working night return) - 1,260 (same working night return) all for VISA tourists.

Myanmar VISA in Bangkok opens at 09:00 and exits at 12:00. The applications bureaus reopen at 3:30 pm and close at 4:30 pm for VISA-picking up. Please be aware that these are the opening periods, you can wait inside for a longer time. You will receive a receipt with the number of the pick-up screen, again divided into two lines for foreigners and Thai nationals.

Please also note that the VISA program is shut on bank holiday. The most important documentation is your visa and your bank transfer, as the remainder is available outside the Myanmar VISA Requestor. Supplementary free of charge copy of your identity card (3 Baht), 2 x photo passports (150 Baht for four). Myanmar VISA is located at the intersection of'Thanon Pan' and'Sathorn Road'.

Myanmar's embassy is on the opposite side of the street and is inconceivable. For simplicity, I have taken the Surasak Station chart (below) and placed a large spot in it.

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