Myanmar Tourist Visa from Bangkok

Bangkok Myanmar Tourist Visa

Myanmar was one of the Southeast Asian countries we knew we absolutely wanted to visit on our trip. Now, travellers can apply for and pay for a tourist visa online before arriving. Besides the embassy in Bangkok, Myanmar also has a consulate general in Chiang Mai. They can still apply for their visa at the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok. Usually you can apply for a visa for Myanmar from Thailand directly at the embassy of Myanmar:

How to obtain a Myanmar visa in Bangkok in 3 simple ways

Visa applications can sometimes be tedious, time-consuming or even upsetting. This is our expertise in obtaining a tourist visa for Myanmar during a stay in Bangkok. While you can request an e-visa on-line, we were already in Bangkok and needed a visa quickly. Our passport and visa applications were delivered to the Myanmar embassy on Friday and we picked up our glossy new visa the following Tuesday.

You will find the visa bureau on Pan Road on the side of the Missions. With the Skytrain to Surasak, 5 minutes on foot from the trainhof. As a rule, they open the doors of the visa control room at 8.30 am. When entering the lounge, you must indicate which visa you require, whether for tourists or corporate travellers.

Tip: Do not step onto the large metallic door on Pan Rd, this seems to be for local or Myanmar citizens who renew work viz. etc. When you come in, you must never come back. Julie in line, I went 100 metres along Pan Rd and found an adventurous team. I had my photo passes for 160 thousand rubles while sitting at the roadside, a copy of our passes and two applications for them.

You even have stickers and paper clips to stick your pictures on the paperwork. There are a number of school-style desktops in the lounge, so don't be afraid to fill out the questionnaire while you're queuing outside. You' ll receive a licensed ticketing when the door opens and if your application is completed properly, the whole procedure will only take a few mins.

Don't overlook to fill in both sides of the job applications forms, you have to give some information about your last two positions. The price of the visa is divided into three categories. There was no need for an urgent delivery to pick up our passes after the week-end. There is an extra 650 TB for the same daily services and you can ask for a Myanmar trip.

You' ll receive a ticket, keep it safely, you'll need it when you pick up your pass. We' d been rocking at 3:00 and found 20-30 guys waitin'. Most of them seem to work for visa companies and collected several passes at once. The overslept, queuing multitude jumped into activity five moments earlier and created an ordered line.

Half a half tens of men stood in line in front of us, but it went quite fast and we were soon back on the road with our passes and visa for Myanmar. Tip: If you have some killing to do, you will find a great café on the lefthand side of the Luka visa bureau.

Click here for more information on the official website of the Embassy of Myanmar.

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