Myanmar Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens

Burma Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens

Visa HQ offers expediting services for visas to Myanmar and charges a processing fee. All Myanmar tourist visas for UK citizens are electronic. A tourist visa can also be applied for online as an e-visa. Any Myanmar citizen can apply for a tourist or business visa to India. This is less expensive, but you will not get a refund if your e-visa application is rejected.

Burma Tourist Visa for Indian Travellers

Myanmar and India have a large part of their borders and a long common histor. These guidelines introduce all stages of obtaining Myanmar for Indian passportholders. Will Indians need a visa to travel to Myanmar? Any Indian traveler for either tourist or commercial purposes, you will need a visa or a visa permit before entry into the state.

A tourist visa allows a visitor to remain for 4 week, while a commercial visa allows a residence of up to 10 week. The online application is the simplest and fastest way to apply if you arrive by plane at one of the following major cities: To apply for a Myanmar tourist visa, all you need to do is provide your Myanmar tourist visa details in your visa and itinerary.

In order to continue, please click this button: Application via the New Delhi Embassy: You can obtain a visa from 1 to 2 week period, according to the visa payment options (normal or express) and the visa paymentload. India and Myanmar have only opened 1 formal frontier gateway so far:

Only a visa granted by the Swiss Federal Foreign Office is acceptable. Accordingly, you must submit an application to the Myanmar Mission either in New Dheli or in other locations before passing the ICCP. The best way to submit a tourist visa application is if you do not have entry to an embassy or residence too far away or do not have enough free travel to the consulate.

Click on the above link to request a tourist visa. At the end of this website you can also review the other visa requirements.

Myanmar (Burma) tourist visa to India necessary documentation

Genuine passes for 6 month from the date of your stay in Myanamr + Old Passes. Visas application forms. Account history for the last 6 month up-dated. Please note: The visa fee may vary. Rules and demands can be changed, however. The Embassy/Consulate reserve the right to request extra documentation or a face-to-face meeting in specific cases.

The presentation of the above-document does not ensure that a visa will be issued. Failure to provide complete paperwork or to attend a specific visa Interview may lead to your request being rejected.

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