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Burma is open to tourism, but still very new. The Internet in Myanmar is very slow. Do not buy the SIM card offered by tourists after consulting others at the hostel. Myanmar and Cambodia prepaid SIM cards are available with the best rates for calls to both dtac and return to Myanmar or Cambodia. From this article on, Ooredoo does not offer a tourist SIM card.

Myanmar travel guide 6 Facts about travelling in Myanmar

Burma is still relatively new to the tourist industry and is undergoing rapid change. My visit to Myanmar was from 21 October to 7 November 2015. These are my hints for a trip to Myanmar in 2016. At Mandalay and Yangon Airport there are several newsstands, which you can also find in the larger towns.

Cash machines were all over Mandalay and Yangon. One member of the relatives who tried to use the ATM had some problems with her credit card and changed cash instead. Tip: Get more hundred dollars notes than fifty or twenty dollars notes than hundred dollars notes get a better installment than fifty dollars notes.

Instead of using an ATM, I suggest changing US dollars because they are new to Myanmar and you never know if they will work or if they are full of money, especially in smaller cities. $500 was over 650,000 kyat at the moment of my attendance. That' a bunch of notes, but I made it by wearing it in seperate holders/wallets.

You have 3 businesses (Ooredoo, Telenor and MPT) fighting for your businesses at Mandalay and Yangon Aiports. By October 2015, it was 1500k yats ($1-1. 50 USD) for a SIM card and 11,500k yats for a second SIM card. I' ve had pretty good reports in Mandalay, Pyin Oo Lwin, Bagan, Inle Lake, Kalaw and Yangon.

From time to time we drove from Bagan to Inle Lake by car, but in the hills this is to be anticipated. Mostly there was no cruise on the Irrawaddy River from Mandalay to Bagan. Although Wi-Fi was sluggish, most hostels have Wi-Fi, except for the Bagan King in Mandalay.

It' easy, good travel, cheap and you will have a useful gift from your sojourn. Burma is open to tourists, but still very new. It' a very inviting and hospitable land, and they want to see the growth of the tourist industry, but it can be hard to find those with a good knowledge of it.

I' ve traveled to many non-English speakers and found the best English speakers and understanders at the reception of the resort or in the tourist areas. In Myanmar, this is not the case, especially in smaller local and smaller cities.

Don't assume that your restaurant server understands your meal or meal question. If they nod or say "yes, yes", there is a good chance that they don't quite comprehend it. Away from the tourist path you are planning a tour of the Mergui Archipelago, also known as the Myeik Archipelago in the south of Myanmar.

Mergui Archipelago is still very unspoiled with only 2200+ visitors per year. From Kawthaung, the most southern town of Myanmar and a brief flight from Yangon. And the only humans you'll see are the Fisherman and the Moken. Mokens are the natives of the region.

Tradtionally a migratory tribe that lives by and from the ocean, most of them are obliged to stay in the islands' towns and have lost their traditions. There were five dugouts full of kids rowing to our ship. For more information about the token, please go to Project Manager.

Burma is constantly and rapidly evolving. Leave while you can still see Myanmar before all the gleaming new properties, facilities and resort take over. At Yangon, Thadingyut is best known for its celebrations at the Yay Kyaw Street or at the Shwedagon Pagoda. Arriving from Thadingyut in Yangon later in the afternoon, I unfortunately failed to attend the party on Yay Kyaw Street and the famous Ferris wheels.

When you plan to attend the Phaung Daw Oo in Inle Lake, you can find a timetable on-line for the leggrowing competitions (twice). My detailled route can be found here.

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