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Burma Tourist Places

Where to Stay Shwedagon Pagoda Explore the best destinations, sights and attractions in Myanmar (Burma) for your holiday! Discover our Myanmar travel guide to other destinations in Myanmar. Sights in Bagan | Bagan Whilst the true glorious times of Bagan go back many hundreds of years, it is certainly the most popular travel spot for anyone who books Myanmar tours packages, as there are over 2,000 monasteries and stupa in a relatively small area. It was the capitol of the Burmese kingdom in the thirteenth century and although it was later plundered by the Mongols, the Old Bagan remains an imposing site, even though the churches are in various states of restoration.

Native people now reside in what is known as New Bagan, and it is likely that everyone travelling in Myanmar will spend the night here. Indochina tour bookers are likely to make a comparison between Bagan and Angkor in Cambodia. Over the years Bagan has been exposed to two major forces of nature, the force of the violent wind with the erosive force they cause, and the flood of the Irrawaddy Riviera, which over the years has been consuming the shores of the Old Bagan to halve the area.

You can see many monasteries during your Myanmar trips; try to enclose everything up to 20 in Bagan. There' s a lot to see and obviously the dominating temples: - Ananda is the most sacred of Bagan and goes back to the end of the eleventh century and King Kyan-zit-tha. - Swesandaw is the" Sulset Temple", the place where natives and tourists can observe the sundown.

  • Shwezigon Temple, a gold temple was constructed in 1087, the first in special Myanmar and elsewhere in the state. - Thatbyinnyu' temple from the twelfth centuary is the highest in Bagan at 66m. - The Shwegugyi Temple from 1131 is one of the best conserved in Bagan.

Nearby is the Shwe San Daw Lagoon, another good vantage point for sunsets and usually less congested than Shwesandaw. - Dhamma Yangyi Temple was ordered by King Narathu to repent of his sin, especially to kill his sire, bro and woman. It' well conserved and is a copy of the Ananda temple since the same building but even better intact.

To be frank, the Archaeological Museum of Bagan is an unsightly structure, but it contains many items found in the temple objects that were wearable. There' s a large hall with colours and patterns in an imposing roof and the displays can enrich your imagination of what Bagan was like in its time.

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