Myanmar Tourist places

Burma Tourist Places

The Burmese-born author James Chilton suggests five little-known places where tourists can still escape. " We had a great vacation in Myanmar with Green Wood Tourism. Myanmar is well known as one of the best destinations in Asia.

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Golden Land, Myanmar has some of the greatest touristic places, historic places, churches and caves. Below you will find information on some of the most visited touristic places. Yangon, the'Garden of the East', is the biggest town in Myanmar. The Shwedagon or Golden Pagoda is the most striking of these.

It is the town' s major feature, and is very striking and eye-catching - the pavilion dominating the city' s celebrated urban sprawl. A very popular traveler' s paradise, Yangon offers a wide range of luxury accommodation, dining, shady gardens, green tropic shrubs and breathtaking lakeside outlooks.

If you are traveling to this town, you can get a full parcel. Don't miss the vibrant night life of Yangon! It is an old town in the centre of Myanmar with a huge buddhistic sanctuary. There are 2220 churches and stupa spread over 42 sq. km of a desert-like plains on the east shore of the Ayeyarwaddy River.

Sanctuaries are witness to historic occurrences for the tourist. These glorious monasteries are decorated with extreme delicate murals, elaborate stuccos and hypnotizing Buddha pictures, all impressing subjects of the wonderful civilization of the old Bagan-imperatories. The Monywa is in the Sagaing Division of Myanmar.

The area is full of places of interest. Thanboday Pagoda is another pleasant surprise: here you can savour the pleasures of a thousand bana yew with illuminating pictures of the Buddha spread all over the area. Situated in the Taunggyi district of Shan State, it is one of the highest seas in Myanmar.

It' located in the most northern city of Myanmar, the Kachin state. The Himalayan mountains in Putao are open to the tourist. It is also a city of biodiversity - every year you can see a wide range of thirty to forty new species of wildlife.

Naypyidaw, Mandalay Hill, Gold Rock Pagoda, Kyaing Tong (capital of the Gold Triangle), Hpa An town, Ananda Temple, Mandalay Palace and innumerable other monasteries and palaces await travelers in Myanmar. For an unforgettable and relaxing hike, bike ride, bus, tuk-tuk or even a warm aeroplane, this is the best area.

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