Myanmar Tourist places

Burma Tourist Places

Take a look at these top tourist spots, the best sights, sights and much more. Major sights and destinations in Myanmar. Burmese-born author James Chilton suggests five little-known places where tourists can still escape. The first Burma - now Myanmar - has slowly but surely become a tourist destination in recent decades. One of Myanmar's most important tourist attractions is Shwedagon Pagoda.

Discover the top tourist resorts, sights and tourist sites in Myanmar (Burma) for your holidays!

Find the top tourist sites, sights and tourist attraction in Myanmar (Burma) for your holidays! Burma is one of the most enigmatic countries in Southeast Asia and has preserved much of its historical and singular nature due to its richness in culture and geography. Experience the great sights in Myanmar and the beautiful beauty of the land.

Sights in Myanmar you should not miss

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a popular south-east Asian state. Though not very big, there are still a lot of sights in Myanmar. Unbelievable historic places, wonderful nature and a multitude of monuments - Myanmar is a land that I would strongly recommend to everyone.

Here is a selection of places to go in Myanmar (Burma) that are definitely interesting. Popular with the many couples and Stupa, Bagan is a great place to enjoy culture and a must for everyone who comes to this state. There are over 2000 antique remains, so you can stay in the area for a few nights and jump from one archeological site to the next.

This shimmering sundowner rising on these antique remains is a landmark that is well deserved to do during your stay there. For more information about the best Buddhist churches and palaces in Bagan, read our full report. In addition to visiting the antique remains, a tour of Mount Popa and the monastery is also recommended.

Mount Kyaiktiyo is a favorite place of worship for Burmese Buddhists, often full of followers coming from all over the land to worship this place of worship. Coming from Yangon, this gold cliff can be reached by coach or rail. It is recommended to come at sundown, as the gold cliff shines even more when the skies change to different tones of oranges and violets.

Mandalay is a lively metropolis compared to the tranquil and muted roads of Bagan. Bustling boulevards full of teashops, beautiful pagodas and many tourist amenities make this place one of the most visited places in Myanmar. Of all the rides, the climb of Mandalay Hill is probably a big public favourite, as you have a magnificent view of the town and the Irrawaddy River fromĀ far.

Kuthodaw Bridge and Kuthodaw Pagoda are also a very favourite attractions and a good place to see the indigenous people. Well-known as the teacapital of Myanmar, Namhsan has a lot of livelihood. In addition, a trip to the many stupa in Kakku is a must!

For a relaxing swim, drive to Ngapali Beach, one of Myanmar's most famous sands. is recommended for travel within Myanmar. Myanmar's capitol, Yangon, is developing into a bustling metropolis where old settlement structures come together with old couples.

The most important thing to do in Yangon is to begin with a free hike. A number of a number of hostals and guesthouses offer this and a good way to get to know the town. Afterwards you will have places of interest such as the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the most important historic sites in all of Myanmar.

Well-known as the capitol of Karen state, Hpa-an is a scenic city encircled by hills and calcareous rock. The Zwegabin mountain is a favourite destination and therefore Kan Thar Yarsee. For more sightseeing tips on the best places to see in Myanmar, have a look at our Myanmar Buckets page with all the sights in each area.

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