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Burma tourist map

Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board, Burma (Myanmar) E-mail: mm. Map of Yangon - Burma Social. DoHT Tanintharyi's tourist attractions in dark purple.

More and more tourists have been coming to the country since Myanmar recently gained democracy. You can add layers to create custom maps.

Activities in Myanmar - Tourist attractions

The Pindaya is a small city on Pone Taloke Lake near the west Shan hill of Myanmar. Exploration of the inside of the caves Atmospheric lighting, the caverns..... Karaweik Hall could be confused from afar with a giant gold fabulous being swimming on Lake Kandawgyi. Come a little nearer and it's easy to see that this building was man-made; an imposing memorial with two charming birdlife and a very artistically designed umbrella in Myanmar design.....

Kyaiktiyo or the Golden Rock Pagoda is a must for any Myanmar tourist who defies the law of gravitation. Situated 180 kilometers eastwards of Yangon and 1,100 meters above sealevel, the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is considered one of the holy places of.....

It'?s a touristy account: As the recent Myanmar quake put Bagan on the touristic landscape

This year EARLY was hit by a 6 gauge 8quake. Tens of sanctuaries that pollute the river bottom have been destroyed, but to put this into context, the area contains over 2,000. The first time I was in Bagan was a few years ago during the drought (between May and October) and I was eager to see if the area has ever undergone any change after the quake, as well as the seasonality as the rainy period nears its end.

It was also a good chance to travel to Bagan by rail, a journey of about 400 mi; that is about seventeen long hrs in Myanmar because of the negligence that the railroad has been suffering from for over half a centur y. It was my good fortune to be sitting next to a talkative man from Burma who not only told me about his meal but also about his response to the seism.

Telling me that he was shock and sorrowful to learn that the quake had destroyed some of Bagan's church facilities - more sadly than if he had listened to stories of such damages in Yangon or Naypyidaw. I was rocking around the landscape of Burma on a long piece of wood and after a long period of doing so I eventually reached Bagan.

Firstly, the Bagan tradition with stupa - the peaks of shrines - that rise above the plantation now looks like a construction site, many of which have been stabilised by scaffolds to avoid further deterioration. At the time of the seismic event during the wet seasons, deluge-like rainfall aggravated the early damages.

An unexpected effect of the seismic events was the unusual beneficial effect on Bagan's tourist industry. Travellers I have spoken to said that it was the first time they were informed about the area, and Myanmar in general, through global press coverage of the meeting. There was also an increase in the number of hotel reservations after the tremor, which was above the Bagan summer averages.

This means that the greatest shift I have seen since my last trip here is not the consequence of the quake, but the growth of the Bagan area. Indeed, the Myanmar administration had initially considered a prohibition on granting visitors entry to the rooftops of the temple. As appetites for Bagan have risen - also due to the quake and the "opening" of Myanmar - the agencies seem to have no interest in making Bagan a sacred follower of the backpacking hedgeism common in Siem Reap and other South East Asia touristic hot spots.

It has the capacity to become the regional track record, with the regional community at the forefront and those of tourists at the second. but not because of any catastrophes. As in the past thousand years, the ruined churches are to be reconstructed innumerableiments. Seismic events have been frequent in the past, but the way the area is adapting to the demands of large-scale tourists is certainly a greater challange as Bagan opens its gates to new and uncharted areas.

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