Myanmar Tourist Info

Burma Tourist Information

MYANMAR Republic of the Union. Construction of an information centre in the cultural zone of Bagan for local and foreign tourists will be completed by the end of May. A visit to Burma (Myanmar) is a journey into the past, into a mysterious and undiscovered world. Summary; Why to visit;

Hotels; Highlights; When to visit; Useful information. Sandelholz, a café and information centre, is the right place for local information.

Traveling safely in Myanmar

Delicious breakfasts include roasted red and green beans, nano ya (Indian bread) and whipped cream or kid broth, roasted vegetable, stewed sticky white and green beans, homemade snack or bred and served with homemade coconuts. Typically, a meal includes a luncheon or supper, a side meal, a piece of sweetened or acid syrup and a kind of shrimps or shrimps past.

Typical dishes are pig meat, poultry, sheep meat, veal, seafood, prawns, duck, egg or cod, which can be eaten by cooking, braising, roasting, steaming, roasting, grilling, cooking or cooking in various ways. Ngapi, which means squeezed seafood, is a specialty found in most dishes. You can also try ballachaung, a grilled prawn pasta with mashed onion, chilli and onion.

Garnishes are usually a vegetable lettuce in combination with meats, seafood or prawns. They are either sweetened or pickled and mostly vegetable with meats or beef. Wrap the dry hazelnut in the Betelblatt with a lemonaste. One of the most popular is the Khauk-Swe, which consists of pasta made of white wheaten in a stock with chilli-marinated chickens; it is characteristic of the Shan-kitchen.

The other Shan meals are ttamine chins, a rissalad with curcuma and chauk sav, pasta with cod. As a rule, Mon-Food contains chili and sourdough. A Karen meal of sprouts of rice sprouts, mushrooms, bamboo, lime gras and seafood pastes that is well deserved. In Myanmar, still a development nation, the hygienic standards of human life are not very good.

Non-drinkable mains supply and insufficient information about secure sanitary facilities pose a greater danger of facing nutritional issues than in other parts of the population. To ensure that meals are as secure as possible, travelers should refrain from any exposure to mains electricity (lettuce, icecream, unshelled fruits, crudités ) and adhere to pasteurized milk based ingredients.

Warm meals should only be consumed when it is warm and road meals should be averted when it looks old or when it has been lying in the outdoors for too long. Good judgement is the essence of Myanmar's cuisine - if your meal doesn't look or smells right, don't take any chances.

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