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Burma Tourist Information

Burma (also known as Myanmar) is a new destination on the world stage after five decades of complete isolation. Myanmar hotels, tours, sightseeing, packages, flights, airline tickets, visas, river cruises, trekking tours, balloon safaris, festival tours. See below for information desks distributed by Myanmar Travels & Tours.

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Our country's legal name is the Republic of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Golden is the much appreciated spirit of the human race and so the land is known as the "Golden Land". "When you walk and drive through the roads, you can immediately see why Myanmar is known as the Golden Land.

Located in Southeast Asia, it borders China to the north and northeast, Laos and Thailand to the east and southeast, the Andaman Sea and the Bengal Sea to the south and Bangladesh and India to the west. Farming is the mainstay of Myanmar's population.

Before the Second World War, Myanmar was an important travel exporting nation. From the 1990' it developed slowly to an developed state. Today, the main sources of revenue from the exports sector are forests, timber commodities, power and mines. Following the 2011 policy reforms, Myanmar has attracted much interest from multinational investment and proclaimed business legislation such as the Law of the Central Bank of Myanmar, the Law on Financial Institutions of Myanmar and the Tourism Law of Myanmar.

Burma uses a market-oriented economy and encourages the roles of the retail industry and FDI. Myanmar is looking forward to the adoption of new laws for international investments due to its abundant mineral wealth including iodine, ruby, oil, wood, carbon, inert gases and many mineral reserves.

Burma is full of sacred relics and sights, colourful and interesting histories, picturesque and unexplored treasures of nature, lovely sandy shores, secluded archeological places and snow-capped hills. The city is full of culture and has a great variety of nationalities. Myanmar's special features are its unspoilt nature and multiculturalism.

Burma is also full of various historic and culture attractions, such as the Myanmar's last Myanmar Kingdom palace in Mandalay, Asia's most valuable archeological site in Bagan with its thousand of antique shrines, the secluded and untouched antique town of Myauk-U, Inle Lake and its kayaks, and the bluish waters and sand of Ngapali & Chaung Tha.

Although Myanmar has many appealing touristic places, most tourists are agreed that the most beautiful thing about Myanmar is the friendly smile of the locals and their kindness and kindness. Myanmar has become the quickest and most popular travel destinations in the word since it opened its doors to globalisation.

It' because of its unparalleled attractiveness and variety of man. Myanmar " stands for all the peoples who live in the area. We have eight large races, covering over 135 different strains with different tongues and different civilizations. There are eight main ethnic groups: Kachin, Chin, Bamar, Shan, Mon, Kayin, Kaya and Rakhine.

This variety of human beings has different civilizations and different customs. It has a total of about 52 million inhabitants living in the seven states and seven areas of the state. Most of the inhabitants of the land are Bamar (68%), Shan (10%), Kayin (7%), Rakhine (4%) and the other. Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and animism are the dominant religion in the state.

Myanmar's inhabitants are a religion in faith and in the observation of their faith. Myanmar's criminality rates are generally low and almost none of the cases affect foreigners, making it one of the most secure tourist destinations in the state. With an area of over 670,000 square kilometers, the Republic of Myanmar is the biggest nation in the South East Asia area.

Burma is on the border with China and India. Myanmar extends from the Himalayan Range in the northern to the Andaman Sea and the Andaman Sea in the southern region, offering a diverse topography that encompasses isles, riverbanks, deltas, hills as well as gorgeous peaks.

Highest snowcapped peaks are in the far northern part and comprise the famed Hkakabo Razi Hill at 5800 meters. The most important massifs are the Western Yoma, Bago Yoma, Rakhine Yoma and the Shan Plateau. There are three large fresh water streams that run into the Indian Ocean. Irrawaddy is used for large barge transports and is also very recommendable for tourism to take in the view of the abundant nature of the canals.

Myanmar's main area is largely occupied by fresh water streams and verdant trees and orchards. Although Yangon is the biggest business and trade capitol and is known as the capitol, Nay Pyi Taw was recently elected and established as the country's official administration town.

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