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Tips for planning your holiday in Myanmar, with information about the tension in Myanmar, health advice, the time zone in Myanmar, currency, cuisine & more. Please note that this information applies to UK citizens. I was recently asked by a friend if I had any tips for reliable travel agencies in Myanmar (formerly Burma), so I thought it would be good to publish the information here. For further information, please refer to our disclosure policy. Once you have booked your stay at Yangon's historic hotel, you will find travel information such as visa requirements, local currency and more.

Touristic Information - Myanmar

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King Anawratha of Bagan provided golden and silvery parasols in the eleventh centuary and constructed a coupe near the city of Twante over the Yangon River. Dalla, today a city on the shore opposite Yangon, was then on Twante Ridge and was more important than Dagon.

The Sule Pagoda, now in the centre of Yangon, was standing on a small islet in the marsh, in the western part up to the Hlaing River and Yangon /River in the souther. Mandalay, as the centre of Myanmar's cultural life, was in the past exceptional, it now keeps the scene and will remain a place of proud.

Located about 600 kilometres from Yangon on the Ayeyarwaddy riverbank, it is the second biggest town in Myanmar with about half a million people. The historic old town, capitol of Myanmar's civilization, Myanmar's buddhistic sasana and Myanmar's handicrafts, Mandalay is a forty-one years old town rich in historic places, monuments and buildings of Buddhism.

It' situated on the curve of the Ayeyarwaddy River. This pagoda is in the state of Mon. Kyaikhto is about 20 km from the center of Kyaikhto. In its day, Mrauk U was one of the foremost trading cities, and numerous channels let small and large ships pass by. Myohaung " was also known as Mrauk U, which means the antique one.

Today there are about 70 known and designated ruin-fagodas, while there are many more unknowns in this antic town. Since they thought that this was a good place, they constructed a town on the shore of the lak. It was first mentioned in the story by the Arabian geographical artist Ibn Khudadhbin around 850 AD.

By then the capitol had moved from Mon to Thaton. Myanmar, 11 km up the Ayeyarwaddy up from Mandalay. Forty-five minutes cruise to Mingun is very enjoyable with lots of action on the rivers. It' a health spa in Mandalay Division in Myanmar, about 67 kilometres eastern of Mandalay and at an elevation of 1070 metres (3510 feet).

Originally it was a Shan-Dorf between Naungcho and Mandalay at Lashio-Mandalay-Straße. Also known as "Pan Myo Daw", which means "The flower city", for its different varieties and colourful beetles. The name Amarapura means "City of Immortality" and is a town in the Mandalay Division of Myanmar, 11 km southward of Mandalay.

Sometimes the natives call it Taungmyo (southern town) to differentiate it from Mandalay (northern town). In 1783, shortly after his accession to the Konbaung dynasty, King Bodawpaya (1781-1819) established Amarapura as his new capitol. It is a town in the Mandalay Division of Myanmar, 200 km from Mandalay and 148 km northeast of Shwebo.

On 1170 metres above sea level, the town has a rather moderate weather all year round and is mainly inhabited by Bamar, with large minority communities of Shan, Lisu, Palaung, Karen, as well as Chinese, Indians and Nepali. It' a town in the Mandalay Division of Myanmar, just to the South of Amarapura on the Ayeyarwady River.

Also known as Ratnapura, it means "City of Gems". From 1364-1841 Innwa was the capitol of Myanamr. Previously it had been the capitol, but after the Shan lost the farm, the farm crossed the stream to Innwa. Situated 136 km northwest of Mandalay on the east shore of the Chindwin Riviera, Monywa is a town in the same name.

Situated on the Mandalay-Budalin line, it is best accessed by coach, as the Mandalay- Budalin route is very well developed. The Ngapali is the most beatiful of Myanmar's sands. It has a lovely sand dunes on the Bay of Bengal and is located in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar.

The Ngwe Saung is also located on the east side of Myanmar on the Bay of Bengal, almost directly east of Yangon and just south of Ngapali. In the last four or five years it has become very much appreciated by visitors and the qualities of the beaches, the sands and the waters are similar to those of Ngapali Beaches.

One of Myanmar's most visited and loved places is Chaung Thar Bay. Only 6hrs from Yangon. Alternatively, take a steamboat ride from Yangon along the Twante Channel to Pathein and then a one and a half hrs bus ride to Chaung Thar inland. It is also very well loved and well known in Myanmar.

Pindaya, three hours by car from Helo, is a small village in the Shan State hill country, the biggest area of Myanmar. Well-known for its 9000 Buddha sculptures, the caves are also a busy trading centre on a small pond. Taiunggyi is the capitol of Shan State.

The Shan state is the biggest state in Myanmar and therefore it is an important trading area. Taiunggyi means "The Giant Mountain" in Myanmar. Tunggyi has about 120,000 inhabitants and consists of Shan, Bamar, Sikh and some Muslims. The Hsipaw, also known as Hsipaw, is a well-known place in Shan State, Myanmar.

It' s 200km or about 124 northeastern of Mandalay at 1370ft (418m) above selev. Around the river Dokhtawaddi there are several interesting places, which are very calm and serene. Putão is a city far northern of Kachin State. The Putao is located near Hkakaborazi Hill, the highest peak of Myanmar.

The Sittwe is the harbour town of Rakhine State. Situated at the estuary of the Kaladan where it flows into the Bay of Bengal. The town of Pathein (formerly known as Bassein) (pop. 144,092 in 1983) is the capitol of the Ayeyarwaddy region, Myanmar. Situated on the westerly border of the Ayeyarwaddy deltas, on the Pathein (Ngawan), 190 km from Yangon, Pathein is open to large ships despite its proximity to the sea.

It is the capitol of the Mon state and a major commercial center of Myanmar. It is the third biggest port in the state. Its name comes from a not too long, zinc-plated iron-roofed resting place near the market square.

TAUNGOOO is a town in the Bago Divison of Myanmar, 220 km from Yangon, towards the northerly end of the divison, with mountains to the north and west. The last Pyu empire was further to the north in the Shwebo District of Sagaing Divison and was most likely the Pyu empire that the ancient China historians described in their handling of the "Piao" and notes of delegation from the Pyu empire to the China courts in the years 801-802.

Ile is one of the most visited destinations in Shan State. Tagaing is the Myanmar based city of the Legaing Division. Situated on the Ayeyarwady Riviera, 20 km south-west of Mandalay on the opposite shore of the rivier. Tagaing is a monastery and worship centre with a large number of buddhistic cloisters.

For a short time it is again positioned as the imperial capitol of Burma from 1760-1764. in Shan State, Myanmar. Myanmar's top terminus is a favourite. The Kyaingtong is about 456 km from Taunggyi, the capitol of Shan State. The Kyaing Tong are populated by ethnical groups such as Wa, Shan, Akha and Lahu.

Full of churches, colonies, lakes, and the most picturesque in Shan State. He also has the meaning of "Walled Tung City". The capital of Kachin State is Myitkyina. It is located in a shallow basin that gets really warm during the heat of the year and very wet during the monsun.

It' a city in the Bago region of Lower Myanmar, 260km north west of Yangon. Myeik Archipelago extends over an area of about 36,000 km2 in the southernmost part of Myanmar. The area has about 800 islets, making it an appealing place to visit.

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