Myanmar Tourist E Visa

Burma Tourist E Visa

Fill out your e-Tourist Visa Online application to travel to Myanmar. One of the most common ways to apply for a visa is to apply online. You can get a Myanmar visa easily through the eVisa online system. Notice - Business visa will be extended. For the latest information, please contact your local embassy in Myanmar.

With E-Visa, SE Asia News & Top Stories Myanmar is targeting 5 million visitors.

Rangoon (AFP) - Myanmar filed an on-line visa request on Monday that promises an end to the long and hurtful wait for permission to enter the once mysterious country, which is trying to attract five million visitors a year by 2015. This e-visa is open to visitors from 41 counties, from Singapore, China, Japan and North Korea to the United States and Britain, said the Minister of Immigration and Population Khin Yi reporter.

It is US$50 (S$62.52) and is 28 day for those who arrive at Yangon ICAO, Mr Yi said, and added that processing will take five-day. "It is a unique time for our nation.... as the progress is improving, we will expand it - more nations will be added to the list," he added.

The Myanmar programme costs $17 million two years later, but is a move towards broader e-government in a nation whose technologies are lagging behind after centuries of jungle domination, suffocating investments and the economies. Whilst in the army, tourism came because of the regime's tight control or because they were discouraged by imposing major restrictions on them.

Since Myanmar introduced political reform in 2011, however, the tourist industry has long regarded the land as an unexplored border. According to the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, two million people came from abroad last year, with more anticipated this year. Myanmar's Bangkok transit centre is flooded with visa applications every day, resulting in waiting for hundreds of people.

Attracted by Myanmar's renowned sanctuaries, cultural and scenic attractions, the visitor is also faced with costly or inferior quality accommodation and confined tourist infrastructures. It wants to develop the profitable tourist industry, with a new international airfield to handle the growing number of flights to Yangon. Burma is aiming at five million tourist next year with the e-visa, an important part of the policy, the secretary said, adding that the system was supported to overcome the electric errors and common power outages that are afflicting the state.

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