Myanmar Tourist Destination

Burma Tourist Destination

Rising destinations in Myanmar andalay: Although it is a bustling trading centre, it has much more to provide the tourist. Throughout the world Sandalay is very wealthy both in photography and culture. You can also see the renovated Royal Castle here in Mandalay, which was destroyed by Allied bombardment in 1945. Don't ever miss to include this thrilling town in your Tailor made trip to Myanmar. Or you can take a hot -air flight to admire this enchanting panorama from the skies with your loved one.

Include it in your Myanmar holiday to make your stay in Myanmar a memorable one. - Yangon: The Yangon is the largest town in the land, formerly known as Rangoon.

The Yangon is home to the 2,500-year-old Shwedagon pit. Aside from this pit stop, you can also go to some gorgeous places to spend the night and enjoy tasty Myanmar dishes. Choose a luxurious Myanmar tour to enjoy these glamourous and costly properties. - Lake Inle: Myanmar's most exciting and beloved activities include a boat ride on Lake Inle.

Lake Inle is known for the tradition ally one-legged approach of the native fisherman. There is a cruise by ferry and sightseeing such as swimming flower and vegetable orchards and a bungalow on the waters. In order to prebook a cruise, you will need to speak with your Myanmar travel agent.

Aside from the goals mentioned above, there is much more to discover in Myanmar. From Myanmar you can begin your Yangon trip by arriving at Yangon International Airport.

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NLD leaders Aung San Suu Kyi has pledged changes for Burma's desperate needy population and hopes that the tourist industry will open the way to a better tomorrow for the Burmese. Where is Burma for the traveler? Myanmar in its present state will not be appealing to everyone, but for those who are a little more adventure -seeking and looking for something more than the ever-present beaches and beerbreaks - there are few better places to go.

When there is one thing that remains with Burma's travelers long after the end of their journey, it is the world. They will never be resold in a less objectionable way than you will in Burma. So if you have a little adventures in your hearts and a passion for good folks and cultures, a journey to Burma can be just the vacation you've been looking for.

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