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Yangon Myanmar Tourist Attractions

The Yangon has many pagodas, also called payas, but without a doubt the Shwedagon Pagoda is the number one pagoda in Yangon for locals and tourists. The shedagon Paya is a religious monument and sacred place of supreme importance throughout Myanmar. Under the guidance of a professional guide you will get an insight into the life of...

.. Jump to the sights and attractions of Yangon: The Myanmar tour is the best for those who want to explore our beautiful Myanmar. Though the pagoda is not in the centre of Yangon, visitors can easily venture to other places in the city from here.

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See the giant sculpture of Mya Tha Lyaung Reclining Buddha, which is situated outdoors without temples or cloisters. Every year, according to one of the legends, when they wanted to build a house above the sculpture, a tempest came up that prevented their work. The 2001 build sculpture has an unbelievable length of 82 meters (269 feet).

Step next to the godly Buddha for a great picture, then move back a little further to catch the whole memorial in one take. Use Mya Tha Lyaung Reclining Buddha and other Bago attractions in our Bago Holidays Generators and see how your holidays take form.

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Myanmar's major business metropolis is Yangon; the name of the cities has evolved from Burma and Rangoon, and for several years few visitors have taken the trouble to come and see them. Now there is a far more solid policy perspective, and the figures come back to see a town and a land that were quite close to the UK nationalists.

The Yangon guidebook emphasizes the most important things you can see and do as part of Myanmar's itinerary. In Southeast Asia, no single nation has evolved in total silence. For Myanmar, which recently moved its capitol from Yangon to Naypyidaw, the most important external factors were China, India and Britain.

It has become the country's biggest town with 5 million inhabitants. Although not in the best condition, Britain's influences are evident in 19 th centurys former Spanish architectural style. The building stands side by side with skyscrapers constructed in the late years of the last millennium, although the lives of many local people have not really been transformed by this overhaul.

Suffering from Japanese rule during the Second World War, its recent insularity has probably also had an impact on the reception of today's tourist. There' s no evidence of hostilities, but perhaps not the friendly nature of the situation found in the remainder of the countryside and in its neighbours.

An exotic term that is true for Yangon. Embrace it as part of Yangon living and move on; no irreverence is intentional towards other people. The Yangon guidebook suggests a number of places to visit: It is the most important place of worship in Myanmar and it is important that foreign tourists to Myanmar know that they must wear appropriate clothing when attending this or any other place of worship in the country.

Surely in the sixth century there was a coupe on this spot. A part of the nave was damaged by an Earthquake in the eighteenth century. There' s a lot to see and it is important to determine beforehand how much attention should be devoted to this particular area. When you are traveling with organized Myanmar travel offers, you will receive competent consultation on the most important sights in the city.

The Yangon guidebook suggests other attractions in Yangon, including:- The Sule Pagode serves as a street in Yangon. There is a blatant contradiction between the silence inside this eight-sided octagon and the sound outside. - Botataung Paya on the bank of the Yangon River was damaged in World War II and has exhibited a number of relicts.

It' one of two Yangon churches and has a nice interieur. - Musmeah Yeshua is the only Yangon temple. - Lake Inya is the biggest lake in the town and its banks have recently been overhauled. Vacations in places like Yangon should give an idea of the town and the country's past and people.

When you go to Myanmar, you should see how the natives do. A possibility to do this in Yangon is a trip by boat to Dallah. This is a very minor goal, although there is a pitot if you haven't seen enough. - Yoga classes and relaxation after a strenuous working days are just the thing before supper.

The Yangon Tour Guidebook will help you learn more about the city as part of Myanmar's itinerary. While the Shwedagon Pagoda is very important, many of the other places of worship in Yangon really cannot compete with those elsewhere in Myanmar, especially Bagan. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to see more of Yangon's own lives before going to other parts of the country.

When you choose to begin a vacation in Yangon and continue travelling, you will probably have an adventure you want to have.

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