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Myanmar is the most authentic Asia when planning a trip to Asia. The website is provided by Frontier's Special Report on the State of Myanmar's Tourism Industry. Not a tourist visiting Myanmar should miss Bagan. There is no word for "tourist" in Myanmar - there is only one word for "guest". Picture from Myanmar's tourism website.

Minister to Tap a new website for tourism industry in Germany

A Myanmar Business Today minister said in an effort to expand tourist traffic to Naypyitaw, the Department of Hotels and Tourism will set up an advertising website. This website, which is being created by the Kyrgyz IT company, will advertise the attractiveness of Myanmar's new capitol, especially the town as a meeting, incentive, conference and exposure (MICE) tourist center.

First and foremost, Naypyitaw is a governmental town, but it wants to enhance its reputation as a touristic destination by getting designers to call in advisors from the Thai hospitality and travel sector. The KBZ also plans to fly between Mandalay and Naypyitaw, although the two towns are only 272 kilometers apart. This year, a centre for the organisation of congresses, leisure golfer events, trainings and workshop events will also be inaugurated.

At a MICE Tourist Developpementeting, U Htay Aung, Secretary of State for Hotel and Tourist said that the tourist image of Naypyitaw is enhanced by the website. Officially, only 127,000 visitors came to Naypyitaw in 2014, but this number is likely to rise this year.

Myanmar tourist industry faces security problems

Rohingya has hit Myanmar's tourist industry, which has developed at a rapid pace in recent years. Cancelations are made to travel throughout Myanmar and as the high seasons begin, bookings are at their low for years. For fifty years Myanmar has been a secluded country and has only recently opened its border to internationalism.

But the Rohingya crises seem to have destroyed the country's tourist aspirations. The number of visitors has risen from a few thousand - at the moment the regime - to almost one million per year by 2015. Myanmar was for a long period only flown to by two planes from Bangkok, but the state is now receiving several hundred regular intercontinental services every day.

by 2020, twice as many as now. Earlier this year, Myanmar's Ministry of Tourism reported a 22% year-on-year rise in visitor numbers. At the end of August, however, the state went into a horrific policy crises.

Following the Rohingya insurgents' attack - a Moslem majority - the Myanmar military raided Bangladesh, leading to the departure of over 580,000 Rohingya civilists. Pictures of their fleeing and of burnt towns have gone around the globe and have led to a huge number of refusals from people who wanted to be there.

"Nearly all travels scheduled for October and November were cancelled because of the volatility in the state, especially the Rakhine situation," complained Tun Tun Tun Tun Naing, director of New Fantastic Asia Travels and Tour. "The majority of Japan and Australia and groups from other Asia have raised safety issues, and some Western groups have clearly declared that they are going to boycott Burma for humane reasons," he added.

It is also worried about the effects of the Rohingya crises on Myanmar's tourists and has called for the establishment of a commission to address the question of globalism. The immediate economical effects were felt in some touristic areas. In Mrauk-U, for example, a large archeological site a few dozens of kilometres from the area that has escaped from the Rohingyas, tourists no longer have a job, a leader said.

The French website "Quai d'Orsay" - on the travel tips page - advises you to stay away from this area at all. "Under the present circumstances, it is advisable to prevent travel within the centre of the State of Rakhine (Arakan) - which includes the town of Sittwe and the Mrauk-U archeological site - until the stabilisation of the situation", and recalls that the safety conditions in the remainder of the land, namely in the most important touristic areas, have not undergone any change.

You can still use the safety tabs for your safety and precaution. A visit to the north of the state of Rakhine (Arakan), near the Bangladesh frontier, was officially discouraged.

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