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When you crave to visit Myanmar, you should do some research. The exploration includes many places that are not listed on tourist maps and are rarely visited. <font color="#ffff00">ASEAN, eddy@aseansec.

org. presents to campaign to reduce the human rights, social and environmental problems associated with tourism. Contains guides to ethical tourism and advice for travellers.

Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism website - Myanmar Message Board

Many contributions ask for proposals for Myanmar based tour operators. One good resource for tourism information is the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism's website in Myanmar, When I asked River Mekong, they replied: "UMTA (Union of Myanmar Travellers Association) is a private sector organisation for Myanmar tourism companies.

The Mekong has been very reactive so far and we are looking forward to our journey. The Mekong River gave me more information in answer to my questions: "This site was created during the period of former minister U Tint San with the help of U Tint San and other information from the civil sector and has not been refreshed since, except for the latest bulletin page.

If you go to the links from the start page, you will see that the list of travel operators is the list of members of TOURIS.

Myanmar has an abundance of beautiful landscapes, old sacred relics, busy towns and intriguing festivities, from picturesque Bengalese Gulf shores to the snow-capped summits of the northern Himalayas. It is a land full of culture and culture, but also full of warmer, friendlier peoples with an astonishing diversity of nationalities.

Myanmar is also a rapidly evolving nation, unlike anywhere else in the world: many of the amenities and amenities you are used to may be hard to find; there are ethics and politics to consider; and it can sometimes be a bewildering - even disorienting - place to nav.

No matter what your budgets and your interests, this extensive and constantly updating website is designed to help you prepare for your journey, take you to the most beautiful places and help you find the best accommodation. If you would like to keep up to date with the latest news in Myanmar, please subscribe to our free newsletters (below) or subscribe to Facebook or Twitter.

One of Myanmar's most famous and historic building, after more than half a centurys of graensorship, unrest and fencing around the globe, has..... Myanmar is unique for its variety. The great geographic variety ranges from the snow-capped hills in the north.....

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