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Myanmar is the most authentic Asia when planning a trip to Asia. The website is provided by Frontier's Special Report on the State of Myanmar's Tourism Industry. Not a tourist visiting Myanmar should miss Bagan. There is no word for "tourist" in Myanmar - there is only one word for "guest". Picture from Myanmar's tourism website.

Minister to Tap a new website for tourism industry in Germany

A Myanmar Business Today minister said in an effort to expand tourist traffic to Naypyitaw, the Department of Hotels and Tourism will set up an advertising website. This website, which is being created by the Kyrgyz IT company, will advertise the attractiveness of Myanmar's new capitol, especially the town as a meeting, incentive, conference and exposure (MICE) tourist center.

First and foremost, Naypyitaw is a governmental town, but it wants to enhance its reputation as a touristic destination by getting designers to call in advisors from the Thai hospitality and travel sector. The KBZ also plans to fly between Mandalay and Naypyitaw, although the two towns are only 272 kilometers apart. This year, a centre for the organisation of congresses, leisure golfer events, trainings and workshop events will also be inaugurated.

At a MICE Tourist Developpementeting, U Htay Aung, Secretary of State for Hotel and Tourist said that the tourist image of Naypyitaw is enhanced by the website. Officially, only 127,000 visitors came to Naypyitaw in 2014, but this number is likely to rise this year.

tourist statistic

Thanks to the work of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and all related associations, the statistic shows a significant increase in the Myanmar tourist sector. Click here to periodically update tourist stats from the MOHT website. Would you like to reserve this accommodation? Lot 12, Yarzathingaha Road, Dakhinathiri Township, Zone 1 Southern Nay Pyi Taw, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar.

Myanmar NTF III - Inclusive Tourism

ITC' s include tourist projects in Myanmar aim to improve the competitive position of the tourist industry in Kayah State. On the one side, this was accomplished by the integration of regional manufacturers and services into the tourist value chain and on the other side by supporting Myanmar's in-bound travel agencies in developing included tourist trips in the state of Kayah and supporting the area in the market.

In the course of the program, Kayah state employment rose by 28%, incomes by 70% and tourism expenditure fourfold. There were 140% more tourists arriving. It has also helped facilitate the peacemaking processes by promoting co-operation between different groups, among them governments, business, former military groups and indigenous people.

NTF III Myanmar followed the same rationale as the overall program, aiming at creating jobs and promoting exports to Myanmar's tourist industries and related distribution-chain. It has developed capacities for tourist goods and services on three levels: in Kayah state and Yangon travel agencies, (2) tourist boards and (3) governmental and state governments that strengthen Myanmar's tourist sectors and connect them to global markets:

It has enhanced the competitive position of Myanmar's travel agents and tourism-related providers of goods and tolls. Travel agencies enhanced their local experience in the field of exports by providing on-site trainings and coaches, and were supported in establishing and strengthening links with global outlet itineraries. ITC has helped to establish frequent meetings of travel agencies for the purpose of establishing co-ordination and co-ordination.

In the state of Kayah (5 Pan Pet towns, Hta Nee La Leh, Htay Kho and Daw Ta Ma Gyi) culture tourist trips have been developped in cooperation with the respective governments and travel agencies. It has also enhanced the possibilities for the sale of handicraft and grocery manufacturers and other tourist services (e.g. musicians) to the tourist in-dustry.

It has worked in close collaboration with the Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA) and the Myanmar Tourist Market Association (MTM) to increase the capacities of member travel agencies and promote domestic travel promotion and brands. On the state side, the programme has reinforced the work of the Kayah Hotel, the restaurant, transport and guides.

It enabled the establishment of a Kayah Public PPPDP platform, involving all key actors from the municipal governments and tourist boards to the public and non-governmental sectors, to address questions of developing tourist businesses and integrating the perspectives of the public and non-governmental sectors. Nationally, the projekt supported the partner in developing and implementing a brand and market strategies.

Worked with MOHT and MTM to develop tourist trademark policies, the uniform format of the policies for formal tourist advertising materials, the country's tourist website and the Myanmar booth for the International Tourist Exchange (ITB) in Berlin and the World Travel Market (WTM) in London.

The ITC presented the tourist attractions of Myanmar and Kayah with succesful side shows such as meetings, stages and B2B forums. In cooperation with Kayah and UNTA, three CoCs (Codes of Conduct) have been developed for tourist, community and travel operators/guides for tourist activity in areas with ethnical minorities.

Kayah Office of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MOHT) has benefited from assistance in collecting tourist information and statistical information.

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