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Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism

The Ministry of Hotel and Tourism ensures that foreign visitors can come to Myanmar. In addition, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism organized to tour Myanmar not only by plane and sea, but also from checkpoints. And then, foreign visitors..... MOTHOTOR AND TOURISM MINISTRY supports the access of visitors coming through the frontier doors and by plane, sea, etc..... So why does this mean that foreigners come through the frontier crossings.....

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Rangoon, also known as Yangon, has undergone dramatic changes as an insulated and socially inclusive hinterland since its inception around 1980. Nowadays it is a fashionable but run-down town, with pubs, queues, internet caf├ęs and a flourishing arts and musical world. Yangon is also rich in ageless delights, especially the Shwedagon Pagoda, a thirty-storey gold-plated sanctuary that was constructed more than a thousand years ago and probably contains eight Gautama Buddha hair.

Afterwards I walked through the alleyways in the immediate vicinity of the west entrance of the compound, past teashops and markets that sold everything from mangosteen and papaya to inexpensive buddhistic jewelry and footballs. Walking through Rangoon on the riverbank reveals a time-distorted area of dilapidated English dwellings with linen on the filigree balcony.

I ended my walk with a cup of coffee on the patio of The Strand Beach Park, a centuries-old emblem of the riverbank that has been transformed into one of the most chic bars in town. Pagan, the Emperor's capitol of King Anawrahta and the country's most favourite travel destinations, can be reached on a one-hour Air Pagan or Air Mandalay from Rangoon.

Theravada Buddhism was brought to Burma by Anawrahta and his followers, who constructed three thousand Buddist churches over a flooded plains on the eastern banks of the Irrawaddy River; the building mania ended with the Mongols invading around 1280 A.D. Some of its structure resembles tiered pyramid Maya. Other are ascending chalk stone cobblestones, strangely resembling the magnificent buildings that Joseph Stalin erected in Moscow in the nineteen-thirties.

In order to see them, I rented a ratty China bike from the seller in front of my luxury residence, the Bagan Palace Hotel (owned by a mate of General Than Shwe, the chief of the army junta), and walked with a mate on dirty trails through tree-lined palms and grassy jungle for hundreds of years.

I figured out two punctured tyres later why most travellers choose to hire a rider to drive them through the temple in a horse-drawn carriage. After Bagan I headed southwards along the Irrawaddy River to Mandalay, Burma's second biggest town and the emperor's capitol, before the third Anglo-Burmese conflict of 1885 placed the whole land in Britain's hand.

Famed for Rudyard Kipling's poetry "The Road to Mandalay", the town is a lively place of cycle rickshaw, low log cabins, buddhistic shrines and cloisters. The Mandalay Palace, which is home to Burma's last king after World War II, was burned down and reconstructed by the Burmese military in the 1990s through the use of force.

However, the primary purpose of my trip was to see the Moustache Brothers, a world-renowned comedy-dance group touring all over Burma until they came into conflict with Than Shwe and his gang. Now the Moustache Brothers are limited to playing for overseas visitors in a car park in front of their home on the 39th Street.

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