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The Myanmar Tourism Website

Myanmar is the most authentic Asia when planning a trip to Asia. The website is provided by Frontier's Special Report on the State of Myanmar's Tourism Industry. Not a tourist visiting Myanmar should miss Bagan. There is no word for "tourist" in Myanmar - there is only one word for "guest". Picture from the tourism website Myanmar.

Minister to Tap a new website for tourism industry in Germany

A Myanmar Business Today minister said in an effort to expand tourist traffic to Naypyitaw, the Department of Hotels and Tourism will set up an advertising website. This website, which is being created by the Kyrgyz IT company, will advertise the attractiveness of Myanmar's new capitol, especially the town as a meeting, incentive, conference and exposure (MICE) tourist center.

First and foremost, Naypyitaw is a governmental town, but it wants to enhance its reputation as a touristic destination by getting designers to call in advisors from the Thai hospitality and travel sector. The KBZ also plans to fly between Mandalay and Naypyitaw, although the two towns are only 272 kilometers apart. This year, a centre for the organisation of congresses, leisure golfer events, trainings and workshop events will also be inaugurated.

At a MICE Tourist Developpementeting, U Htay Aung, Secretary of State for Hotel and Tourist said that the tourist image of Naypyitaw is enhanced by the website. Officially, only 127,000 visitors came to Naypyitaw in 2014, but this number is likely to rise this year.

Burma | Business Innovation Facility

The BIF has been active in Myanmar since September 2013 and catalyzes the introduction, adaptation and extension of commercial sustainability innovation in select countries. The BIF helps operators to find new ways to improve accessibility for the world' s impoverished farmers, food processing companies and consumer organisations. Myanmar BIF is currently active in the clothing and tourist industry and plans to expand its product range in the next few years.

Myanmar's tourist attractions are enormous. Developing the tourist industries will generate tens of thousands as well as increasing the livelihoods of many of Myanmar's impoverished population. BIF's research of the BIF system showed that by offering more choices of goods to the tourist sector that would also help low-income local authorities and individuals, it could help to further integrate them.

In order to meet this need, the BIF has just concluded a range of education programs in the privately funded sectors for the design and promotion of tourist products and created an interesting and stimulating event, the PPIC (Product and Package Innovations Competition). It is aimed at promoting the competitive capacity of the tourist industries by promoting businesses that help transform the system of the markets.

A number of other areas for action have been defined in the BIF tourist marketing policy, among them the fight against the shortage of housing in isolated countryside areas. Burma is the next major outsourcing target for global apparel labels. It has recently developed into one of Myanmar's biggest exports and is an important resource for many individuals, especially those working for them.

But to be viable and integrated, this option must exploit employees' productive capacity. The BIF marketing system review revealed that the Myanmar ERP system's case for linking labour economics, labour economics and labour well-being had not yet been put in place. BIF is therefore currently working with plants to increase production and personnel managment and to assess the effects of education to create the connection between workers' production and well-being.

BIF has also worked with a number of multinational brand names, producers and the Chinese authorities to improve the political dialog and clothing industry in Myanmar. BIF has organized and conducted four Myanmar Guard seminars in Hong Kong and Yangon. Myanmar BIF is about to enter the business of the Myanmar business - more information about our work in this area will be added soon.

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