Myanmar Tourism Statistics 2016

Burma Tourism Statistics 2016

Comparison of Angkor and Bagan visitors (2011-2017). Arrivals of visitors (2012-2016) and the border between India and Myanmar. USD 50 million from December 1995 to 2016, with 22 observations. In 2016, the number of visitors from Singapore reached 50,198. Myanmar's international tourism revenue (currently US$) was $2,266,266,000,000,000 from 2015.

Burma Tourism Statistics 2014

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Enough promising and yet so much to do in tourism

The number of tourists arriving in Myanmar is increasing, as is the number of tourists arriving in Myanmar, but stricter regulations and safety hazards in isolated areas could ruin the show. Yangon Hotel Zone vice-chairman of the Myanmar Hotelier Association, Khin Maung Pyone, gives a better idea of the industry's progres.

What is the development of the hospitality sector? We' ve heard stories that current properties are being reviewed. We are approaching the beginning of the tourism period and are experiencing more tourists arriving these few and a half day. The number of establishments has also increased and the Minister of Hospitality and Tourism has adopted a guideline requiring approval from the MFA.

We' re not shutting down any hostels. Since we have an overwhelming number of properties, we would not grant approvals until their requests have been reviewed. It is one way of reconciling offer and request in the hospitality sector. Under a more open democracy and the abolition of US penalties, sector specialists expect an inflow of international travel.

Are there enough accommodations for guests? The Yangon Hôtel Zone itself has 320 to 330 of them. It can be said that there are enough accommodations for travelers who come to Yangon. However, this is difficult to say for other areas. A number of tourist visits places where there is no lodging, and in some areas there are few high-quality foreign owned establishments, and that is a challenge.

A number of critics criticize the high prices of some Myanmar properties. For an overnight stay, $90 or $100 is required. However, 2-star, 3-star restaurants usually bill only $40, $50 or $60 per city. When converting the Burt into Dollar, the prices for Thailand and Yangon are almost the same.

What are the results of the stars-evaluations? In order to receive the corresponding stellar evaluation, a property must meet the rules and demands of the minister. The majority of Yangon's most of the area' s most popular resorts are 2 or 3 stars. A 4 stars award is quite uncommon among the locals, and there are only two or three. Are there any co-ordinations between the Yangon Hospitality Zone and the state?

The Myanmar Hotelier Association and the local authorities are currently negotiating to open a local overnight craft fair where Myanmar handicrafts can be displayed and sell to the tourist. It would cover all essential needs, such as toilets. Like the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, we have drawn up a roadmap for the future markets.

These stores function at nocturnal time and everything is tidied up after work is done, so that the general public can use the room again in the morning. When they have bought a square, the employees usually spend the nights in their assigned places. We have no clue where they are going before dusk and the Thai nights are very clear.

No one would think that these places are used as a daytime fair. The hotel and tourism industries are often described as smoke-free industries. How would the conditions for the growth of tourism in the area be? New tourism areas such as Chin or Kayah can only be identified once these conditions have been complied with.

Many areas cannot be described as tourist areas because no one would be able to ensure the safety of passengers in these areas. Historically, state government has banned tourism from these areas so that they do not have to take accountability for what happens to them. There may be safety problems, such as the kidnapping of overseas visitors by gunmen.

For safety reasons, travel guidebooks are prohibited from taking visitors to prohibited areas. We can' t put tourist there. Myanmar Hotelier Association sponsor Dr. Khin Shwe said the country's hospitality and tourism sector is growing. Do they offer high standard of service? We' ve got to make places that visitors can go.

Hiring qualified and knowledgeable personnel to offer a better service is recommended. It' not equitable that a hotel should only demand high prices, but in exchange they should also offer high standard of service. As soon as there is a peaceful atmosphere in the countryside and new tourist areas emerge, there would be many more travellers traveling to other areas and not just to a town like Yangon.

Is this going to have an impact on the hospitality business? These regulations will not apply to the hospitality business. Some homeowners are willing to pay any amount, such as $20 or $25 per person, for one overnight stay. You have your own en-suite bathrooms in our guesthouses. Many homeowners still calculate only $10 or $15 per person per day.

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