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Is there important information about Philippine Candidates? Where and when can I reserve my personal interviews for a residency when I come from the Philippines? As of July 2, Philippine candidates who are required to carry out an Interview in the event of a residency visa must first get in touch with the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok to make an application.

Will this mean that I have to go to Bangkok more than before? In order to prevent candidates from the Philippines from coming to Bangkok more than necessary, candidates wishing to apply for a printed residency visa may do so on the same date as the meeting.

How are the opening times of the Migration Department in Bangkok? Bangkok Visa Section is open Monday - Tuesday, Thursday - Friday 8.00-12.00. More information about the holiday season can be found on the website.

Is Myanmar ready to embark on a trip to sustainably high-quality travel? -

Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business today released a sector-wide tourist industry footprint report highlighting some of the benefits and drawbacks of the tourist industry on the countryside and the decisions to be taken. Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business's (MCRB) second sector-wide environmental audit (SWIA), which follows the SWIA on hydrocarbons, identifies a number of real and possible effects of tourist developments.

Several of Myanmar's flagships such as Bagan, Inle and Kyaiktiyo are already under ecological and societal pressures from the impact of travel, which is affecting the livelihood of the communities and the long-term sustainability of these places as tourist attractions. SWIA makes policy advice to governments, business, civic groups, tourist and other interest groups to enhance the benefits and mitigate the disadvantage.

Burma already has a number of governance measures in place to promote good governance in the area. Burma must curb the run to establish so-called hotspot areas, in which property is forcibly purchased for several properties, often in ecologically vulnerable locations. Many of the adverse effects found are related to hospitality areas, as our research has shown on several occasions.

It was also found that there was still insufficient involvement of municipalities in decision-making on tourist developments. "Stakeholder engagement, consulting and involvement should be the foundation for tourist developments from the outset. It is particularly important in areas with ethnical minorities and after conflicts, where tourist companies should take the opportunity to gain an understanding of the conflicts and community dynamism and how the locals want to open the target to the tourist and share the benefits," said Allan Jørgensen of the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

SWIA emphasises the important role played by the tourist industry in creating jobs and combating extreme levels of poor. In addition, it points to possible dangers, using experience from the Cambodia and Thailand regions. As an example, due to phenomenon such as "orphanage tourism" and some kinds of "voluntourism", kids are susceptible to the effects of it.

SWIA will identify pertinent global benchmarks and policy actions on this and other topics and highlight pertinent good practice both in Myanmar and elsewhere.

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