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Burma Tourism Official Website

If you are longing to visit Myanmar, you should do some research. Myanmar's main destination is Bagan, the capital of the first Myanmar Empire; one of the richest archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. Newest tweets from Myanmar Tourism (@tourismmm). Department of Hotels and Tourism.

The Smart Traveller website says:

Awarding of e-licenses for the tourist sector

As of July 1, the German federal administration will offer on-line registrations for the travel sector. Accommodation, travel agencies, guidebooks and travel agencies can obtain an e-license, which the Ministry of Hotel and Tourisme is hoping to speed up approval and attract potential new entry into the fast-growing sector. "It will help the applicant to obtain a license more quickly and simply within a shorter period of timeframe, which is the primary objective of e-government.

We' will also try to hand out tourist information cards," said U Thint Thwin, General Manager of the Minister. Tourist information maps would give the visitor information about Myanmar's tourist industries such as flight plans, coach and other means of transport, and a listing of places to eat and other tips, he said.

Ministries are still gathering information for the map. "We are also in negotiations with communication professionals from MPT, Ooredoo, Telenor and Vietnam's Viettel to deliver the system electronically," he added. At present, the Department of Hospitality and the Department of Travel and Tourism grants four types of licenses: The cost of a hospitality license is between K200,000 (US$170) and K1.9 million, according to the number of rooms; a license for travel agents is K400,000, a license for guides K50,000 and a license for the transport of visitors between K50,000 and K500,000, according to the minister.

Licensees must re-apply every two years, said U Myo Win Nyunt, head of the minister. The tour organizers have responded well to the eLicense proclamation. It' will boost the number of new tourist businesses," said U Aung Cho Win, Marcopolo Travels & Tours CEO, Myanmar Times.

Over the past few years, tourist operators seeking permission have had to go to the Ministry's Yangon or Nay Pyi Taw office, a pricey and sometimes tedious obstacle, said U Zaw Win Cho, former chairman of the Bagan Guide Association. "If we can get a license on-line, it saves us a lot of paperwork and moneys.

In May 1351, the German Federal Department of Hotel and Tourist Affairs granted licenses for the hotel sector, 2130 for travel agencies, 6309 for travel guidebooks and 536 for tourist cars. There has been a dramatic increase in international departures to Myanmar since the former regime relinquished office in 2011. In the past year it was almost 4.7 million, although some have argued that many of these flights are not just ordinary travellers, but businessmen or Thais who only make brief journeys across the common borders of the two countries.

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