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Burma Tourism Official Website

Verification of orders and guidelines of Myanmar's hotel and tourism law. The official website: Nay Pyi Taw: Please consult the website of the Embassy for details. Myanmar's icons include the three towns of Yangon, Golden Rock and Bagan.

U.S. citizens can apply for a tourist or business eVisa.

Service over two years by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism

Tobacco-free industries contribute directly to the country's economy by generating income, jobs and money flows directly or indirectly into all areas of the population. Attractiveness, availability, accommodation and management are the characteristic features of sound forms of sustainable travel. The Ministry of Hotels and tourism works in close cooperation with related government departments, travel agents, developing partner companies and privately owned travel agents to develop Myanmar's tourist industries.

Myanmar has seen an increase in the number of visitors every year, and according to information gathered with the Department of Labour, Immigration and Population, 2.9 million visitors have chosen Myanmar as their target in 2016 and 3 million in 2017. As the current administration took up its duties on 1 April 2016, the Department established and implemented the following six guidelines:

Aimed at preserving and preserving the countryside, cultural traditions and customs of the community to support the tourist industries in Myanmar. Achieve socioeconomic growth of the population and the individual sectors through the growth of the tourist trade. Acting in the interests of the country's interests by implementing regionally and internationally agreed agreements.

Contribution to the peacemaking processes through the growth of the travel and accommodation industry. Towards sustainability and integration of local and regional authorities. In order to implement the policy in action, the Department is carrying out a number of mission that, to name but a few, provide the necessary support for a priority listing in Myanmar tourism project of Myanmar country planning partner developers, Myanmar, to attract celebrity touristic destinations through the implementation of advertising with the help of agencies at home and abroad, looking ways and means to boost the number of travelers, increasing domestic incomes and creating jobs, among others.

In the interest of the locals, the Department has identified the following 15 areas as communal tourist areas in order to take advantage of the advantages in a relatively brief space of time: Pyidaungsu Hluttaw has received a bill from the Department for Hotel and Tourism. Once the permit has been received, the provinces and territories will have public agencies that issue the permits currently administered by the Department so that hotel owners and travel agents can request work permits in their own area.

In order to promote qualified junior scientists, the Department offers classes at Mandalar College and National Management College. In the 2017-2018 fiscal year, these educational institutions grew and manufactured 26 B.A. (tourism) owners and 15 in the 2018-2019 fiscal year FY, who were appointed as senior department secretaries in the Department.

Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle, Tomé, a few community-based tourist magazines have been released and circulated and DVDs containing a photo of Myanmar's old dish used to provide charity to religious are being made to support the tourist industries through local and overseas tourist shows, embassies and consulates general.

The information desks are also open in the most important touristic places and at the airport for the comfort of the people. It also has a website for touristic information and publishes information on various forms of communication such as Instragram, Facebook and YouTube. It is also participating in the Singapore, Germany, Thailand and the UK Tourisme.

In order to support the country's tourist industries, the Myanmar Tourist Federation and Singapore resident Sphere Exhibitsd. Since TV stations are important for the promotion of the tourist industries, the Department works with major TV stations and other local authorities to raise awareness of Myanmar's operations. Burma is working with the Thai Department of Sport and Rural Development to encourage the development of intercountry travel by sign a Memorandum of Understanding on co-operation in the tourist sector during the Thai Minister's January 2017 tour of Myanamr.

Myanmar and Cambodia Ministries also adopted an Angkor-Bagan co-operation programme: Burma is also an active participant in ASEAN tourist plans and plans for ASEAN and China, Japan and Korea. It' noteworthy that Myanmar's Myeik Journey, Journey won the ASEAN Homestay and Community Based Tourisme Award at the ASEAN Tourisme Forum 2017.

Myanmar International Travel Mart 2017, which showed photographs of the Buddhist pilgrimage to India in Yangon and Mandalay. In the second year of its reign, the Department ran 51 training sessions on the subject of hotels and tourist and 4,229 apprentices were awarded their diplomas.

This course produces travel books, housekeeping, bellhops, room maintenance and other. Teaching of General Business Administration, General Business Administration, General Administration, etc. as well as General Administration, have also been carried out by the Department in collaboration with our partner companies. Because of the boom in travel and accommodation in the state, the Department has approved 127 6,511-room properties in the second year of the state.

By March 2017, the country had invested in 59 11,620-room properties at an initial capital outlay of $3,805. Numbers were jumping to 64 of the 12,194-room establishments at a price of $4,370. Cruiseships, charter planes, cross-border motorcars, boat tours and boat trips are carried out by the department and around 50,000 visitors enjoy the journey in the second year in charge of the state.

This is the Department's website mm, where information for tourists visiting Myanmar is published. On the site you can read messages in Myanmar, English, KORYOAN, JAPANEAN, GERMAN, CHINESE, Thai and FF. It is a touristic sector that creates jobs and earns income for the people. It does not have to use its own resource.

One of the reasons for the amount of tourist spending is the fact that it is fragmented and flows into all areas of the world. This is necessary to simplify the application process for an entry visas for visitors. In the transport field, aerodromes or aerodromes are to be enhanced. Duties require the co-operation of other related departments.

Politics of joint power defined by the state is important for the growth of the tourist sector. The aim of all associated departments is to transform the policies into measures for the further growth of the tourist sector. To this end, the Ministry of Hotel and Tourist Services will work more closely with other departments and privately owned companies and businessmen for the growing sustainability of MYANmar.

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