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Burma Tourism Official Website

It is our mission to help tourists, businesses, the government and civil society of Burma/Myanmar to build a fair and responsible tourism industry. Official website of the European Union. The government is also punishing those who harass tourists.

"The Ministry of Hotel and Tourism has relaunched the website.

wwww.tourism. in eight languages: English, Myanmar (Unicode- Pyidaungsu Font- Zawgyi Font), Simplified English, French, German, Thai, Traditional Thai, Traditional American. ©tourismmm

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Is there important information about Philippine Candidates? Where and when can I reserve my personal interviews for a residency when I come from the Philippines? As of July 2, Philippine candidates who are required to carry out an Interview in the event of a residency visa must first get in touch with the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok to make an application.

Will this mean that I have to go to Bangkok more than before? In order to prevent candidates from the Philippines from coming to Bangkok more than necessary, candidates wishing to apply for a printed residency visa may do so on the same date as the meeting.

How are the opening times of the Migration Department in Bangkok? Bangkok Visa Section is open Monday - Tuesday, Thursday - Friday 8.00-12.00. More information about the holiday season can be found on the website.

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