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Tourist Office Myanmar

The Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA). Offices across all destinations. You can find the rental office at the tourist information office (i) in the township New Bagan. Myanmar is the right place for those looking for a'pure' destination. Burma has emerged from isolation, foreign tourists have risen.

Myanmar's tourism policemen still find their legs

The Myanmar Tourism Bureau, established in 2013, has increased to nearly 400 officer, but they are not found in some hot spots for tourism fraud and do not have the power to prosecute crimes. The Tourism Policy Department was established in Myanmar in 2013, with the establishment of a Tourism Policy Department within the Myanmar Provincial Executive.

It has three objectives: the safety of the increasing number of international visitors, the observance of the law and other regulations and the prevention of cross-border criminality. However, unlike other policing services such as the motorway or forest polices, the tourism policing has no investigative authority.

It has 390 members and has the necessary facilities to occupy only the most favourite Sights. There were no officials authorized to talk to the press when Frontier went to the Yangon Regional Tourist Police Headquarters on Pansodan Road. We have been informed that the skipper may reply, but he is not here.

Yangon headquarters has eight policemen, two of whom are wives, one of whom is answering telephones. Not surprisingly, Shwedagon Pagoda has a relatively large quota of touristic policemen, with five officer stations on the premises under the direction of a policeman. Said there were few crimes against the public.

The tourist police usually help to salvage found objects. He was previously stationed in the Tarmwe Township and was handed over to the Tourism Police when he was founded. But he said that he still had difficulties communicating with other people.

"Some of the mates can, they learned the English easy and can talk to tourists," he said. The Dala township, opposite Yangon city centre, is a hot spot for tourist mishaps. A lot of people take the boat across the riverbank and then discover the Dala area, which despite its closeness to the city centre seems more rustic than city.

It is well known that the inhabitants use the advantages of the visit of aliens by clearly overtaxing them for trips on trishaws or motorbikes or by putting pressure on them to make costly "donations". Many are waiting at the Dala Ferry Terminal and pretend to be "official Tourguides ", but are actually tugboats who cheat people. A Myanmar Times reporter told in November 2015 that he had requested K36,000 for a trip on Lake Trishaw after he had already been stabbed for a "small amount of travel money for the poor", which turned out to be K40,000 bags.

The Tourism Department said it was conscious of the issue and that it was a frequent cause of complaint. There was no evidence of the touristic policemen when Frontier was visiting Dala. "There are so many fraudsters in Dala because this area is where five country townships join Yangon," he said.

There was no trace of the infamous tugs when Frontier came to visit. The group of seven Trishaw's waited for a group of Malaysian all inclusive travellers who were willing to take them on a brief scenic itinerary. The Trishaw rider Ko Tu Tu said that he was a regular tourist around Dala, but there were rare issues.

However, the touristic policemen are not only there to protect aliens, they also have the task of protecting Myanmar from international crime, said captain of state Hla Myint, who works in the Mandalay touristic policemen├Żoffice. "We are here to help the travel sector by guaranteeing the safety of travelers and also of the public," he said, and added that the travel policemen need more education to increase their knowledge of languages.

Nature Lovers tour operator U Aung Din said the safety issues were becoming increasingly important as the number of visitors to Myanmar increased. It is important that the tourism law enforcement department knows the law, but also does not harass people.

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