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Myanmar Tourism Federation office in DC opened

Participation in the meeting was dramatic, and gathered together to commemorate the continued success of Myanmar Tourist Services. Particularly noteworthy were Mr. U Kyi Thein Ko, Secretary General of the MTF and the Myanmar Ambassador's daugther, Thwe Myo Tut, who welcomed them warmly. The vibrant crowds include National Geographic, Smithsonian Institute, World Wildlife Fund, Destination Marketing Association International and various non-profit organizations, as well as various travel agencies, PR and press professionals, travel advisors, George Washington lecturers / college graduates, interested travellers and business coaches.

All of these discourses inspired everyone to envision the immense richness of Myanmar's natural beauties, its unbelievable variety and the promising opportunities that sustained travel and travel could provide to the communities and communities - as well as the richness of cultural heritage that it could provide to the rest of the know. It is these benefits that are crucial in these pioneering times in Myanmar's long past - a land that was once locked to global tourist activity for over 60 years.

It is impossible to predict what could be happening as this state opens its gates to tourists, as the number of tourists arriving has multiplied at a spectacular rate in recent years. Symbolically opening the first North American office is only a signal for the future - and a signal for the increasing opening of this breath-robbing state.


It' only on the radar of many travelers, but we've been on the ground in Myanmar for more than 15 years. Headquartered in Yangon, we have 40 employees, while smaller offices in Inle, Kalaw, Mandalay and Pagan provide excellent staff.

You can admire the golden stupa at dawn in Bagan, sleeping on the decks of a river boat on the Ayeyarwaddy River and cross the world's longest Teakwood Bridges to get to the city of Kalaw. If you have kids, we also provide interesting trips for families to catch the ghost of Burma.

Myanmar is better known than any other operations in the state.

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