Myanmar Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing in Myanmar

Myanmar Tourism Marketing (MTM) was established to promote Myanmar as a preferred destination. Burma," said Jens Thraenhart, Managing Director of the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office. As Chairwoman of the Myanmar Tourism Marketing Committee (MTMC), she sees that the d. To increase the number of travelers who visit the destination, Myanmar Tourism Marketing has announced new tourist attractions in the country. BIF study "Myanmar's travel guide.

Myanmar Tourism Marketing Committee vice-chairman Daw Su Su Su Tin said: "Some tourists have tried golf courses in neighbouring countries.

At ATF Myanmar Tourism Marketing presents a wide range of new tourism products

Myanmar registered a combined 1.1 million flights to Yangon International Airport in 2017. This was an upturn of 7% over the same time frame in 2016. The visa liberalisation between Myanmar and some ASEAN nations has boosted economic expansion in Vietnam (+75%), the Philippines (+62%), Singapore (+20%) and Thailand (12%).

The recent growth of the number of intercontinental airlines to Myanmar will also make the city attractive to a broader public. With Myanmar attracting more and more visitors, new properties are opening their gates in this state. Famous multinational chains: Pullman, Kempinski, MGallery, Excelsior will commence operations before the end of 2018 and more local employment is anticipated to be created.

Myanmar has concentrated on the economical and societal possibilities for tourism workers in line with the ATF-2018 issue of "Sustainable Connectivity, Boundless Prosperity" and has contributed to the development of all municipalities in the county, as well as the more isolated areas. Land programmes between Myanmar and Thailand were provided through one of the 4 officially designated frontier stations.

Burma has recently worked on an updated version of of DOs&DON' Ts for tourism to avoid the adverse effects on local communities, cultures and the world. It is hoped that tourism will give a good picture of this cultural diversity.

There is nowhere in Asia a more mystic and unexplored destination: the Yangon legacy, the dispersed temple in Bagan, the old Mandalay capitol, and the inle lake's uniquely "leg rowing" fishwork. Myanmar's guests will be thrilled by the Burmese's stunning scenery and tireless host.

The Myanmaredia Briefing will take place at the ATF on January 25 and will give a lecture to the press on current information about the country's tourism industry. Burma Tourism Marketing has asked tourism reporters and instagramers to tour the county and organise press tours for those interested in sharing and sharing their experience.

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