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New Bagan Myanmar Travel & Tours. In Myanmar, many travel agencies outside Yangon only sell airline tickets. Kyaukpyu, Ramree, Munaung, Toungup, Thandwe (including the tourist resort of Ngapali) and Gwa. Please contact the Burmese Ministry of Tourism for more information. Myanmar (Burma) Buyer's Guide.

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Ballooning is a favorite option for visiting Burma/Myanmar for sightseeing, pagoda flights and other beautiful areas. Burma's tourist industry was mainly promoted by the Burmese authorities, but there are many privately owned companies targeting a broad spectrum of people. In 1992 the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Research began promoting the tourist industry in the state.

More than 1 million international visitors to Myanmar in 2012 and this number is projected to increase to around 1.5 million in 2013. Arrival to Yangon Entry Point, Mandalay & Bagan Gateways, Nay Pyi Taw Gateway and Border Tour. Burma's pro-democracy ruler, Aung San Suu Kyi, has in the past asked to boycott touring.

The reason for this could be that there is a strong preference for tourists. Most supporters of Burma's democratic system are calling for a total blackout of Burma's tourist industry. There are other pro-democracy campaigners, such as Ma Thanegi, who are in favor of small-scale travel and diligent expenditure. Studies in 2012 warn that more international tourists, including under the government's Responsible Tourism Policy,[32] would provide automatic assistance to the Burmese nation and a trickle-down effect[33]; rather, it is likely that the tourist industry would help their cronies and further exacerbate atrocities.

Wiki voyage has a tour of Myanmar.

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South Myanmar's high points are the Golden Rock Pagoda, the graveyard of WWII and the "Death Railway", Mount Zwekabin and other caverns, renowned for their wealth of nature, and the biggest Buddha in the underworld. Further important goals are the coastline characterized by colonialism Mawlamyine and the wonderful and untouched Myeik archipelago.

One of Myanmar's most famous pilgrimage destinations is the Kyaikhtiyo Lagoon, known as the Golden Rocks. It has also become a favourite travel spot in recent years. This mystic silhouette is situated on a gold-plated block of cliffs 1100 km above the surface of the seas. It' s dubiously equilibrated, and legends say that a man can make it swing by pressing it, but it won't fall off.

It' one of the miracles in the whole wide underworld. Swesayan Pagoda is known for the Mon civilization in Thaton. On the grounds of the pagoda the stony writing of the Mon-duy is still preserved. This is the longest stream in Myanmar. thamanaya sayadaw, (the most separable monk) are known and obey sayadaw.

Other Kyaukkalat Cave, Boditataung Cave, Sadan Cave are known for their excursion to Kayin State. Sights are " Kyaikthanlan "agoda, "Mon Cultural Museum", "Kyaikkhame Yele agoda" & "Set-se" bath. It has a singular feeling of coastline and coastline and colorful clout. Not far from Thanbyuzayat, Kyaikkami (or Yele) lies on a shallow cliff off the coast and is connected to the shore by a roofed dam.

There are several Buddha relic sites in Yele. Today it is said that the 21 Mandalay Buddhas who are now in Yele are sitting at the place where the painting was born. Today Dawei is a dozy, subtropical coastal city that has only recently been linked to the remainder of Myanmar by highway and railway.

The area to the western and northern parts of the city is covered with travel, while in the eastern part there are jungles. One of the architectural styles in the city is quite impressing, with many old timber buildings in two-storey popular parlance. The city of It´s is very verdant as there is a lot of precipitation in the south half of the Tanintharyi Division.

One of Myanmar's most scenic seaside towns, Myeik had a large selection of tradional folk and folk architecture styles that shaped the city.

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