Myanmar Tourism Highlights

Highlights of Myanmar Tourism

On this intriguing journey to Yangon through the streets of Myanmar's most cosmopolitan city. All agree that the Myanmar Burma tours will show you the true beauty, history, culture and many other tourist highlights of the country. The unbelievably meditative and popular tourist attraction in Mon State is Kyaikhtio. Although not as famous as Shwesandaw, this is the most interesting of the three famous Zedi in Myanmar. Explore the highlights of Myanmar with this fantastic tour!

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Yangon, Myanmar's capitol, is so green and chilly with luxuriant rainforest and shaded gardens and lovely ponds that it deserves the name "The Garden Town of the East". Although with the ambience of a typically Asiatic town, it is striking in comparison, as it is not yet overpowered by the modernity' s worldwide trend and develops at its own speed, in its own quiet, bourgeois civilization.

Mandalay is a window to the nineteenth c. artwork and architectural heritage of Myanmar, with the ruins of the ancient royal town and many ancient cloisters. Bagan, the town of four million peagodas, is one of the wealthiest archeological places in Asia and the most important travel destinations in Myanmar.

This was also the capitol of the First Myanmar Empire. The charming town is located on the east shore of the Ayeyarwaddy River, about 193 km from Mandalay. Inhabitants of Inlay Lakes, naturally and uncontaminated, are renowned for its beautiful landscape and the rare breeding of the Inthas, the indigenous lakes. Also worth a look are the swimming towns, the colourful day-to-day swimming fair and inlay spa.

October's Phaung-daw-Oo Pagoda in Inlay Lake is full of splendour and colour.

Myanmar 14 day high points

Burma is a nation that has undergone remarkable transformation since the 1948 Declaration of Independent States. Myanmar is steeped in ancient Myanmar's wealth of historical and environmental beauties and is home to over 100 ethnical groups with 53 million inhabitants. Under the de facto guidance of Aung San Suu Kyi, the National League for Democracy chief, Myanmar is now being put in the limelight of the tourist industry on the trail of its neighbors Thailand and Laos.

It' possible to attend the high points of this beautiful land in about 14 or even nine day for those who have little to do. Yangon, Myanmar's former capitol and biggest town, is undisputedly frantic. Tomorrow's coffees, afternoons teas or a sun downer opposite the Yangon River remind us of a period when the customs house, the main post office and the railway headquarters, all within easy reach, would have been frequented by businessmen, officials and men every day.

Approximately 90 percent of our round-trip air travel to Yangon Airfield. Shwedagon' s jewel-encrusted pagoda has long dominated the townscape and has long been the sacred home of Yangon, with the 2,500-year-old Buddhist shrine being in the land as the striking centre of Buddhism. Supposedly contain more bullion than the Bank of England vault, twilight and twilight are the best time to explore this haven of serenity.

At the only touristic entry to the pagoda, the visitor passes craft shops that line the stairs to the lower floor of the pagoda. A cruise to the south shore of the Yangon River is highly recommended with the luxuries of a free afternoon; a sea taxicab allows you to talk to nosy local people about their everyday life.

Buying at the relaxed open air square before your trip to the Moe Goak Buddhist convent gives your stay in Yangon another twist. Dhala can be reached by ferry from the pier on Pansodan St and you can buy your ticket in the area. Watch out for scary rickshaws on the ferry - it's best to meet a rider right off the dock.

Myanmar's masterpiece of architecture, the Temple of Bagan, is located on a 50 kmĀ² flat land in the center of Myanmar. A 1 hr drive from Yangon, or by 8-10 hr drive by car from or on the Irrawaddy River from Mandalay, will take up to 10h. Because of the limited amount of timeframe, visitors usually go to the five most spectacular and historical one.

It' possible to see the peaks in one night, including twilight and sunset, but it is better to allow 2-3 nights or longer. Please be aware that only in Bagan do not rent a self-drive motorcycle. At the edge of the city of Taungoo in the centre of Myanmar is the beautifully country-style Myanmar Beauty Guest House, where the friendly owner Dr. Chan Aye lives.

Accomodation is in a rural lodging, where Dr. Aye also provides free health services for the population. Ask at Myanmar Beauty Guest House. Irrawaddy River is the elixir of life for Mandalay and has been a major North-South trading hub for over 150 years. The top offers an unbelievable view over the Irrawaddy River, while other whitewashed and gold palagodas emerge like kite tusks from the nearby wood.

Tour cruisers to Mingun depart from Mingun at 9am from Belians Gyan Jettys and depart at 1pm every day. As an alternative, a charter of a yacht can be done from the same dock. From Mandalay near Amarapura, the striking U Leg Foot Footbridge that crosses Lake Taungthaman is easy to reach. With a length of almost 1200 metres and over 200 years, it is the longest wooden construction of domestic timber in the whole wide area.

Walk across the viaduct to see fishermen throw fishing gear into the sea or talk to the local people who use the viaduct to move between the towns divided by the viaduct. In Amarapura, just south of the Amarapura stream, there is the Mahagandayon convent, where Theravada Buddhism is practiced by noviciate friars and monastics.

Drivers and cars can be hired through accommodation. The Shan Hills area of Myanmar is around Inle Lake (or Inle Sap), the 22 km long fresh water sea. A large part of the area has incredibly luxuriant, swimming backyards loaded with products that offer both self-sufficiency and yield. Both tranquil and charming, Inle Lake is never more than at dawn and dusk as the fog drops deep and spreads across the reflective surfaces of the water.

You can easily organize your own tours through a hotel, guesthouse or tour operator. In a five days change between the lake towns, ethnical groups like the Pa-O and the Paduang set off from their houses in the mountains to distribute their products on the area. Accommodation in a hotel or guesthouse knows the place and data of the traditional fairs and can organize transportation, as well as any agriturist.

On the Inle shores you can see ladies with brazen temples around their necks: an ethnical chain of sheer uniqueness. If you book a sea trip, it is possible to apply for a recording of a trip to some of the many small channels connected to the central reservoir at many small places on many small lakes.

You can see or explore Myanmar from the luxuries of a fully featured hosteltrip. Burdened travelers who want to get an inside look at living in a South East Asia region before it is designed for travel. This means for most people that the best travel season is between November and February, with the least amount of rains and less sun.

Flights are an alternative between large towns and touristic locations, but are costly in comparison to coach or rail trips. If you are traveling along the Irrawaddy River, a good choice is to take a canoe. There are some areas of Myanmar that are inaccessible to visitors - always make sure you do so before you go, especially to the remotest areas.

There is plenty of urban traffic and it is often overcrowded. More and more demanding travelers are finding it possible to spend the night in boarding and lodging establishments and luxury hotel chains, where most of the overnight fees remain in the personal sectors and not in the bags of the state. Better fares are found in hotel and tourist agencies, with bigger denominations attractive at lower fares.

The US Dollars are sometimes the only interchangeable currencies outside Yangon. There are cash machines in Yangon. Outside Yangon, however, it is far less likely to pay with a debit or find a working ATM.

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