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Burma tourism, travel to Myanmar. Myanmar Tourism Federation has established an international department to expand the country's reach. Myanmar Tourism Federation (MTF) has established a new representative office in Tokyo, Japan. These are some links to a variety of tourist information about Myanmar (Burma). Burma Tourism Federation Company Research & Investment Information.

The MTF organises, organises and takes part in many different activities, among them a number of domestic and foreign travelling fairs, shows and exhibitions:

The MTF organises, organises and takes part in many different activities, among them a number of domestic and foreign travelling fairs, shows and exhibitions: In January 2015, Myanmar will host the ASEAN Tourism Forum for the first a year. The MTF is proud to support this year' s edition of the MTF' s legacy of 34 years, which will take place from 22 to 29 January 2015 at the Myanmar Convention Centre (MICC) in Nay Pyi Taw, the country' s capitol.

ASEAN - Tourism for Peacemaking, Wealth and Partnership' follows the topic of the ASEAN Chairmanship in Myanmar in 2014 and is built on the three cornerstones of ASEAN community development - peacemaking, wealth and oneness. The ATF is scheduled to draw over 1,500 participants from more than 40 nations in 2015, among them high-ranking tourism Ministers and officers, leading ASEAN participants, leading global purchasers, domestic and overseas press and tourism professionals.

The MTF has been hosting the Miss Myanmar International Contest since 2012. Its aim is to encourage tourism through the participation of a qualified participant from Myanmar in the Miss International Beauty Pageant. The MTF has carried out an institutional assessment for the MTF and its 11 associated members in cooperation with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and GIZ.

The members of the board of directors of the individual associations were questioned. Following evaluation of the results of the interviews, a range of workshop and trainings are scheduled for 2015, tailored to the needs of each associated member. Representing the privatesector to foster Myanmar as a globally renowned traveler' s responsibility that benefits our local communities, our cultures, our shared heritage, our shared heritage and our shared citizens.

The MTF ist Mitglied der PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) und der Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI).

Mr U Yan Win, Chairman of the Myanmar Tourism Federation (MTF): Myanmar 2016 Interview

What needs to be invested in to secure the sustained developement of Myanmar's tourism sector in the years ahead? YAN U WIN: Since 2011, the tourism sector has been growing and supporting Myanmar's expansion effort, with significant increases in the number of FDI and FDI flows and the number of tourists arriving in Myanmar.

MTF recognizes that tourism is a labour-intensive sector that employs low- to high-skilled people and can offer one of the most available ways to combat extreme levels of poor living. We can only do this, however, if the standard and qualitiy of our tourist goods and service meet the expectations of our foreigners.

Our mid- to long-term visions, covering all facets of integrative economic expansion and sustained economic and social change, are clearly define. The focus is on fostering Myanmar as a travel destination, supporting the processes of sustained tourism in Myanmar, fostering personal investments and increasing the country's HR in this area. What support will the support of eco-tourism give the goverment in building a leafy econo?

The result of the International Conference on Eco-tourism in Protected Areas, organised in Naypyitaw by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and co-organised by the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, focussed on eco-tourism as a tool to reinforce livelihood, adjustment and upkeep.

Now we have the Myanmar Ecotourism Policies and Managment Strategies, which was established on the opening date of the meeting. We focused on 21 areas of our policies and governance, which included responding to global warming, addressing local ecological and business issues, contributing to capability-building and developing research and technology.

Furthermore, policies to promote domestic and foreign co-operation are outlined and how eco-tourism can fund the protection of the environment with the help of the hosting municipalities. The promotion of eco-tourism in Myanmar is an essential part of the government's efforts to promote a sustainable development of the state. How can governmental action be taken to improve tourism and interconnectivity between ASEAN members?

ASEAN WIN: The MTF is active in the process of ASEAN involvement and preparations for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). ASEAN' s latest tourism forum, which we organised for the first year since joining the organization, was a landmark event for our tourism sector. We' ve gathered experiences as a hosting nation and let the area and the rest of the know that Myanmar is a "must" for all our people.

In order to improve tourism and interconnectivity between ASEAN members, there is an urgency to put in place the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan, which will focus on facilitating tourism, increasing consumer confidence, diversifying tourist locations, increasing the capabilities of tourism staff and introducing cutting-edge concepts for tourism design and production creation.

Naypyitaw is the administration capitol of Myanmar and has already successfully staged the Southeast Asia Games in 2013. Mr Naypyitaw also chaired the ASEAN Summit and related high-level ASEAN gatherings in 2014. We have the right logistic to assist current departments and many locations around the world, making Naypyitaw an outstanding place for your event.

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