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Department of Hotels and Tourism. There is a need for a professional tourism association, which is used on a full-time basis. Internet presence of the Executive Board at

Myanmar's hotel and tourism law. (Law No. Myanmar Tourism of the State Law and Order Restoration Council.

The Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board, Marketing Committee

Burma lies at the intersection of the great Asian civilisations of India and China and overlooks the huge Indian Ocean next to Thailand. Myanmar, one of the biggest and most varied in Southeast Asia, extends from the glittering Andaman Sea isles in the southern Andaman Sea to the Himalayas in the east.

Myanmar is still one of the most enigmatic and unexplored travel sites in the game. Burma is a beautiful and charming place that has only recently entered the contemporary age. Burma has all the delicacies of Asia in one of the most intriguing countries in the Middle East. Situated in the heart of the countryside, the country's tourist facilities include five-star real estate, private business boutiques and boarding homes in all the main centres, as well as spectacular resort towns in the mountains and on the lakes.

Burma also has one of the worlds best record-breaking tourism crimes, so people can be sure that their holidays will be worry-free from beginning to end. Whether you are traveling down the majestic Ayeyarwaddy River in a stylish way, ballooning over the antique town of Bagan or looking for this intangible animal on the back of an elephant, there is always a sense of adventurers.

New, thrilling off-path locations are being developed with two state-of-the-art in-house carriers that are modernizing and extending their route-network. You can choose between mountaineering and canoeing in the far northern and world-class scuba in the Mergui archipelago. Above all, however, Myanmar provides the most cordial welcome in Asia.

Tourist office to promote the new Bagan attractions

Bagan now seems to have some rivalry, and the tourist boards of the old town trumpet a new place for tourists: a wood of indigenous harwoods. However, this is not a deciduous wood. This 50-hectare property in the Nyaung Oo community of Zee Oo contains 300-year-old Ingyine and Tamarin shrubs that, according to U Maung Nyo, are about a thousand years old.

There are also many petrified woodland species. The villagers believe that the wood is populated by animistic nature ghosts, and to support the place, the Myanmar Tourism Board has been helping to organize a Nat Pak or festivals from October 1 to 3: "We couldn't keep the N Pak for seven years because we didn't have enough funds, so everyone is glad we could do it this year," said Daw Thida Aye, who taught at the local community outfit.

The majority of the inhabitants of Zee O, which has about 300 homes and is 45 minutes by car from Bagan, make their livelihood from agriculture and the sale ofpalm tree juices. "I think that the promotion of this wood will help the community to evolve, but we must educate the kids to preserve their traditions and customs," said Daw Thida Aye.

Maung Nyo consented that the inhabitants could profit from it if it was handled correctly. "We are so glad that our town has become known as a touristic place," he said. "Now, the Zee O folk are so lucky to see travelers because they have never come to our town. U Than Shwe, treasure of the Bagan Association, who also manages the Bagan office of the Hoteliers Association, said the executive committee is getting the area ready for an anticipated flow of travel.

"We have established a center of mediation for up to 300 persons in the community, so that international travelers can practice mediation near the 1000 year old wood. We' re going to make seats in the woods and a local eatery. Said the club plans to provide shuttles every day between the city and the city.

Myanmar Marketing Committee vice-chair U Phyoe Wai Yarzar said it is uncommon to find Indian forest in Southeast Asia. A further new attraction for Bagan visitors are men and ladies in bagan-clothes, who have been welcoming visitors to the Nyaung Oo airport arrivals terminal since October 1.

"This is our first trip to Bagan.

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