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The Myanmar Tourism Marketing (MTM) aims to promote Myanmar as a sustainable tourism destination that can be visited all year round. Thandwe ((including the tourist resort of Ngapali) and Gwa. The Myanmar Tourism Board was established to continuously advance and promote the tourism sector in Myanmar. You can download the tourist visa application form for Myanmar here. Hongkong Tourism Board - Hong Kong Trade and Development Council Executive Council.

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Wellcome to b2b's website for Myanmar-lovers. The Myanmar Tourist Marketing (MTM) is aimed at promoting Myanmar as a vibrant tourist destinations that can be viewed all year round. As part of the Myanmar Tourist Federation, it is mainly financed by important members of the Myanmar tourist community.

MTM is pleased to support the public and medias to publicize more about Myanmar's tourist industry. Hopefully, the information provided on MTM membership is enough and we look forward to welcoming you as a member of MTM to commercialize and support Myanmar for each other. MTM currently has 127 members, including 8 carriers, 2 river cruises, 38 properties in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle, NgweSaung and Ngapali - 70 travel agencies and 7 tourist facilities.

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Burma lies at the intersection of the great Asian civilizations of India and China and overlooks the huge Indian Ocean next to Thailand. Myanmar, one of the biggest and most varied in Southeast Asia, extends from the glittering Andaman Sea isles in the southern Andaman Sea to the Himalayas in the east.

Myanmar is still one of the most enigmatic and unexplored travel sites in the game.

Promoting Myanmar Tourism

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executive management

Vocational experience: As well as his position as Chief Executive Officer (MTS), Mr. Lin has served on the board of all of Myanmar's major tourist boards and was a member of the executive committee of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association (2006 - 2008) and director of Myanmar Tourist Development (Public Company).

After travelling abroad many times and living in Singapore and Japan for five years (1995-2000), he is proficient in Japan, English and of course Myanmar. An unsurpassed Myanmar tourist sector background accumulated over many years, he has established close ties with agencies in many global marketplaces, and his extensive ecosystem of locally based providers, tourist leaders and operators throughout Myanmar and even worldwide is unprecedented.

One of Myanmar's top tourist operators, MTS is one of the top organizers of numerous important public gatherings, such as the Miss Myanmar Competition and many other trade shows related to travelling and tourist traffic. Mr. Lin HTEIN completed his studies at Meikhtila University with a focus on Myanmar language in 2003. After joining the Group as Executive Director in 2006, Mr. Nay Dun MYA was recognised and honoured by the Myanmar Government as a board member of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA), the umbrella organisation for Myanmar's tourist sector.

Vocational experience: As well as his position as Executive Director of MTS, he is an associate member of the Myanmar Young Entrepreneur's Association (MYEA). In the past he has spent four years living, working and studying in Singapore and has also travelled extensively throughout Southeast Asia for a number of tourist and tourist missions.

In 2007, he led participation in several large local venues such as ITB Asia, NATAS in Singapore, TTM in Thailand and Vietnam's Vietnamese Association of Travel Management (VITM), and also took part in the world-class Travel Mart in Moscow, Russia. Nay Dun Mya completed his studies in physics at Meikhtila University in 2003.

In 2005 he also completed an Advanced Diploma in Tourism at BMC College in Singapore. He studied at the National Management College in Yangon from 2006-2008 and received his Diploma in Tourist Studies and Management (DTSM). Vocational experience: Mr. Nilar is now Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with many years of travel and tourist financing expertise in Myanmar.

Throughout her 10-year ten-year tenure at MTS, Nilar has worked with various tourist operators and other business associates in Myanmar and abroad. Ms AUNG completed her studies at the University of Meikhtila in 2003 with a focus on Myanmar. Mr. Aung came to MTS in 2004 as a Director. Vocational experience:

Mr. Aung has a wealth of expertise and invaluable experiences in the Myanmar tourist sector. From the beginning of his professional life, Mr. Aung has concentrated on leading the organization to develop and sustainably manage Myanmar's tourist sector. Mr. Aung completed his studies at Meikhtila University in 2006, specializing in physics. Mr. Wisbey JP: With nearly 40 years of local and international trade expertise in various areas of activity, from medicine to travel, Mr. Wisbey contributes to our organization unrivalled expertise and high levels of commerce.

Myanmar Travel Group (MTG) was founded over eight (8) years ago. It is the MTS representative for our local offices and handles all our in-bound operations in Australia and New Zealand. Most of our Englishspeaking customers are supported by MTG's Australiasources. The WISBEY Group is one of Australia's foremost private companies in the field of dentistry and medicine.

Founded over 35 years ago (by his sire James ), Wisbey has an outstanding record in the local health and dentistry brotherhood, and two years ago Mr. Wisbey was selected and named to the PRESIDENT - Australia Convenience Association (ADIA NSW) by his colleagues in the Australia dentistry world.

Work Background: With a lifelong journey to locations and lands around the globe, Greg has served as Regional Sales and Marketing Director for a large worldwide group of brands in the Pacific Islands. Throughout his career Greg travels all the time and contributes a high degree of technical competence to our business, which imparts a powerful and internationally based business know-how.

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