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NaginezNow Indian Railways on board. Picture from Myanmar Tourist Board Old Bagan, region Mandalay. The Myanmar Marketing Committee, Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board, Yangon, Burma.

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Burma from several large global exhibitions such as the Asia 2014 World Tourism Boerse, World Travel Market 2013 and the 2014 Thailand Travel Mart Plus. Condo Nilar, number 204, room #04-B, fourth floor, Boot Myat Htun Street (Middle Block), Pazundaung Municipality. Situated on the Yangon-Mandalay Road, next to the Highway Bus Terminal, (5) minutes by car from Shwethalyaung Reclining Buddha, Shwemawdaw Pagode, Kanbawzathadi Palace and Bago City Centre, our recently constructed Hotel Aroma in Bago.

Location: Yangon-Mandalay Road, Yangon-Mandalay (5), next to the New Highway Terminal, Bago City, Bago Division. The company focuses on the production of all types of toilet paper, hardwound roll towel, napkins, handkerchiefs, tissues, tissues, etc. with outstanding qualities and best prices.

100, fourth floor, Bogyoke Aung San Road, (corner of Billiard Street 49), Pazundaung Municipality, Yangon, Myanmar. Are you looking for a Yangon? or Bagan hotels? It is headquartered in Laukkai, Dongcheng County, Kokang, a self-governing area in the state of Shan, Myanmar..... Adress: No. (801-B), Dagon Center (1), Bagaryar Road, Myaynigone Township.

Yangon. Rooms #101, Buildings #4, Aye Yeik Month 8th Street, Fifth Quarter, Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Away from the tourist booming Myanmar | The Myanmar Times

Recently, the Department reported that by 2012, over one million people had reached the tourist industry via all the gateway. So why did we see such an increase in tourist activity last year? Myanmar's international relationships have become open and welcoming as a result of these policy reform. Travel was the first industry to profit from these changes.

The tourist trade is flourishing, but it is clear that it has also shown some deficiencies in the branch. What will you be leading the business to make sure these problems are tackled? It is not just a matter of the tourist trade alone. The tourist industries must also be developed in order to deal with the boom in the tourist trade.

Looking at the developing tourist industry nations, they can accommodate a large number of visitors due to developments in a number of different areas. And if we want to bring more Africans to Myanmar, we must also provide these opportunities. Are there any plans to amend the old tourist legislation adopted in 1990?

In 1990, the state passed and amended the tourist act in 1993 and changed its name to Hotel and Tourist Act. Now we are trying to amend the Hotel and Tourist Act of 1993. A Responsible Touristic Policy and a" Dose and Don'ts" brochure have been implemented for the tourist sector.

Then we will draw up the Master Plan for Tourisme with the help of our own specialists. This type of activity is also seen as part of the reforms of the area. We' ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of the tourist branch and how we can best avoid undesirable side impacts. We will, for example, examine the recently adopted environment protection legislation to assist us in developing the section on the environment impacts of travel.

We will also examine the tourist legislation of our neighbours and see what is missing in our tourist legislation. The new hotel and tourist legislation will be introduced within a year. As in the past, Myanmar does not keep an overview of outsourcing and does not usually grant licenses to outsourcing outfits. First, we need to think about the equilibrium between the revenue from outdoor and in-bound travel..... we need this kind of research.

Former ministers established a policy that room prices for most properties should not be higher than $150. A lot of a hotel has not adhered to this regulation, so how will you do it? How have you prepared to meet the expected tourist increase in the next 12 month? If we have a good policy and good research, we can welcome large tourist destinations.

We' ll try to organise the arrival so that people are more dispersed and do not try to push themselves to the same place. We need a management board for this work. We' re going to need all the government departments to convene as a comittee. It can...... define new guidelines and examine and analyze each one.

Once there was such a comittee. Do you mean you want to re-establish this comittee and make it more efficient? You' re right, we set up this commission before 1996. Had we still had this board, the tourist industry would be in better shape. However, last year we established the Foreign Visitor Access Panel.

Government and regional officers are members of this commission, but I want senior officers on the ship to make it strong and more proactive.

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