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All travellers must apply for a tourist visa before entering the country. Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board, Burma (Myanmar) Email: The Kyaikhto Board of Trustees; Myanmar Tourism Federation.

TPCB: Certification Body for Tourism Professionals. Beirat I Tourism Product & Small Business Development.

Promoting Myanmar Tourism

Biofuels are produced on a joint basis by our company: gasifiers, micro-hydropower plants and biofuels processors. We are planning the commercially produced biofuels (both bio-diesel and ethanol) as our next projects, as we could administer the common standard. Yeik Mon 31 Pinlone Mon month Vth Pinlone Yeik Mon Road, Thingangyun Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

T.E.T Electrical Co, Ltd. was founded in 2014 by THUTA Engineering & Trade with almost 10 to 15 years of experience in the industry, which are specialists in the area of control systems and automation. T.E.T Electrical Company Ltd is situated in Yangon City, known as the business capital of Myanmar.

No 972(A), Than Thu Mar Road, (5) Quarter, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism

Ministry of Hotel and Tourism is subdivided into the following divisions Carrying out of administration works of bureaus of the Ministry and the Secretary of State. Take the necessary precautions to select and send students to Myanmar and abroad for training and to provide training according to the Ministry's requirements.

Monitoring the Ministry delegate deployment to Myanmar and abroad for meetings, expositions and workshops. Execution of the tasks to be administered by the Ministry in connection with trade declaration, licencing and taxation. Review of Myanmar's hotel and tourism law contracts and policies. Submit to add to the facts of Myanmar Hotel and Tourism Law with the need.

Act as the Union Attorney General Office's judicial counsel to proclaim the necessary legislation, policies and procedure that will make it to the services of the tourist indi. Submission of the draft to the meeting of the Government of the Union and the relevant Government of the Union Commission.

Proclamation of the necessary polices, regulations, guidelines and communications to implement the present tourist sector in accordance with the modernization system. The modification and verification of the order request concerns with commercial-licence. In view of the present state of affairs and the tourist sector, Myanmar Hotel and Tourism Lawis is necessary to pass a new Myanmar Tourist Law (Draft), which is to comply with other relevant foreign tourist Law.

On 1 January 2015, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism required the following communications, such as "beaches as travel destination with Communication No. (1 /2015)" and "sustainable for seaside areas with Communication No. (2/2015)" according to Myanmar Hotel and Tourism Law Section 31, sub-section(b). Negotiation and implementation of Ministry, State and Regional Ministry and Regional Project.

By order of the Ministry, reports to other ministries by collection of statistical information. Conducting the Ministry's own in-house inspection. coordinating with the Union's Court of Auditors to examine and resolve the examination concerns. Provision of information on travels for national and multinational press. Upload the Ministry of Hotels and tourism and exchange of information on the site and social network.

Technical support for Videoconferences with Ministry, Regions and State Governments in the context of E-Government Actions. Recorded documentaries for gatherings with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism's various organisations, events and events related to it. Apply to the EU authorities for permits to enter Myanmar through border areas such as motorcycle trips, bike trips, motorcycle trips, yachting trips, cruises, boat trips, cruises on rivers and air-charters.

Provision of MRTV trip messages and upload messages to the website of the Department and Facebook. Procedures for the management of the route of the Minister of the Union and senior civil servants in the addresses and in connection with the other ministries. Registering the Union Minister, the Deputy Minister, the State Secretary and the Deputy State Secretary in and out of correspondence, replies and contacts.

Granting and supervision of establishments, motels and accommodation. Granting and supervision of concessions for touristic traffic. Issue and supervision of driving licenses. Renewal of all commercial licenses and cancellation of licenses that are not up to date. Review and monitoring of interesting hotel and touristic laws, rules, regulations and guidelines.

Inspecting and monitoring the commercial license that it was granted by the Ministry of Hotel and Tourist. Control and instruction in the hotel and tourist statistic. To inspect and monitor the branches of the Hotel and Tourist Directorate responsible for granting the four commercial licenses. Co-operation and support of personnel develpment education for the hotel and tourist sector and support of the hotel and tourist sector.

Supervision of the hotels and educational facilities for the business community. Collaboration with foreign institutes to open the schooling in Myanmar. Organization of trainings for hotels and tourists. Administration of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourist Services Libraries. Head of the Tourist Information and Educational Section. Dissemination to locals and foreign entrepreneurs of information on the procedure related to the proposal of the hospitality-projects.

Review of proposed hotels proposed by domestic and international entrepreneurs. Development of the resort and coordination with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and the regional authorities responsible for the development of the resort. Development of new hospitality products, feasability studies and realization plans. Auditing of domestic and international hospitality developments in accordance with statutory legislation, processes and guidelines.

Supervision of the realization of national and international ventures. Continuous supervision of the realization of hospitality project to ensure compliance with contract requirements. Coordination with the responsible department regarding import of equipment, material, taxes and other issues. Review of the project's blueprints.

The International & Regional Cooperation Department works with the following organisations: Cooperation Tourismuskooperation im Rahmen von ASEAN, Greater Mekong Sub-region-GMS, Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar-Viet Nam-CLMV, Ayeyawady- Chao Phraya- Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy-ACMECS, Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation-BIMSTEC. Cooperating bilaterally with international and regional countries. Raising touristic destination consciousness and description of appealing touristic destination and activity for the touristic industry in Myanmar.

Presentation of tourist advertising material such as brochures, brochures and CDs, DVDs at international travel fairs and dispatch to Myanmar's embassies abroad. Publishing of brochures, leaflets on potential destinations. Organisation of the necessary preparations for the participation of delegates in international travel fairs, workshops, forums and seminars related to the tourist industry.

Conducting occasional tourist development and commercialisation related initiatives and meetings in accordance with the guidelines of the Union Ministers. Co-ordination and co-operation at tourist advertising campaigns and festivities in Germany. Procedures for the management of the route of the Minister of the Union and senior civil servants in the addresses and in connection with the other ministries.

Registering the Union Minister, the Deputy Minister, the State Secretary and the Deputy State Secretary in and out of correspondence, replies and contacts.

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