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University of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA), Yangon, Myanmar. is a private-sector organization for travel agencies in Myanmar. The Myanmar Tourist Guides Association (MTGA). I' m Lwin Toe, Chairman of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association. Myanmar's responsible tourism policy.

Burma wants to be renamed as a tourist resort for expatriates

MYANMAR' s hopes of becoming a tourist centre in Asia would be far from real if the country did not change its name to a target for foreigners, according to a Friday podium discuss.

"2037 is a very important year for our tourism sector. All of us must ensure that more people come here. Mr Tint Thwin said the Department of Tourism would work with all parties to unlock Myanmar's full tourism potentials by enhancing current tourist attractions and building new ones. Said he was optimistic that tourism would become an important engine of Myanmar's economic growth in the near-term.

"to the Golden Rock Pagoda, Bagan and Inle Lake. Myanmar Voyages CEO and President of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA), Thet Lwin Toh, said a whitepaper will be published to increase public recognition of the Myanmar Travel Association by altering the company's theme, tagline and logotype accordingly.

Said that tourism - both in-bound and out-bound - would evolve if more people from Myanmar came to Singapore and Thailand for recreational, commercial and health missions. Myanmar Tourism Department Executive Zayar Myo Aung said Myanmar should concentrate on brand management and participating in global tourism forums.

Global meetings are playing a pivotal part in our recognition of our brands, but it takes a lot of money to go there. Zayar Myo Aung said that the tourism department partially supports travel agencies' performances internationally. His suggestion was to use the press and invite film makers from around the world to film in the country's main locations.

Myanmar is a year-round tourist spot. Myanmar Tourism Marketing Deputy Minister Kaung Min Khant said Myanmar should be changing its company name and some of its terms. He proposed to replace the term "low season" with a more convincing "green season" in order to arouse the interest of the people.

"that Myanmar is pricey and only a country of coupons. We need more attendees to cut our expenses. "A number of people do not want to come to Myanmar in the wet. However, it is the best part of the year to see places like Bagan and Mandalay, which are usually warm in high season," he added.

Myanmar Tourist Guides Association President Aung Tun Lin said he favours the friendly and hospitable nature of tourism professionals. It proposed the creation of TV programs showing Myanmar's main tourist attraction on state TV stations and promoting weekly summer-holidays. Thhurein Aung, a historic explorer and Yangon Heritage Trust volunteer leader, pushed for the creation of new, one-of-a-kind festival (e.g. the Thanatkha Festival) founded on Myanmar's rituals and tradition.

It proposed to make Yangon the center of the country and not a gate town. For him, the lost legacy of colonialism and the Yangon religion would be the keys to the interest of the visitor, as they are in the immediate vicinity. Said that nice places, nice cultures and nice folks would draw more traffic.

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