Myanmar Tourism 2015

Burma Tourism 2015

Tourism in Myanmar is expected to increase in 2015. 7 January 2015 / News. 0 2 4 6 m 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2011 2017. ASEAN, Myanmar Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. Over the next few years, the sector's contribution to GDP should take up to 6.

5 percent, while employment from tourism will rise by 66 percent between 2015 and 2026 to 2. 1 million.

Burma aims for 4.5 million visitors by 2015

It is the ambition of the Ministery of Hotel and Tourist Industry to make the 4th edition of this competition a success. It is estimated that people in the U.S. will be spending $2 billion. Myo Win Nyunt, a warden, said the department was working on expanding the tourist areas and improving other infrastructures to help the people. "Myo Win Nyunt said, "The Department has also relaxed the regulations to allow more domestic and international providers in the tourist area.

Attendees goal showed a 50 percent gain of 3. 5 million last year, which was the historic record both for the land that just opened its gates to Mavericks in 2011. Last year most of Myanmar's tourists came from Asia, especially Thailand, Japan and China, which accounted for 67 percent of travel.

Burma is one of the top 10 countries in a poll by the UK based traveller Wanderlust Trave. It is also the only town in Myanmar to climb into the top 10 after Luang Prabang of Laos. Last December, sea tourists in the Myeik Archipelago in Kawthoung district, Taninthayi region, earned more than $85,000 - a high.

A total of 601 travellers came to the archipelago in the township of Myeik. The majority of participants came from France, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand and China. Myanmar civil servants met with Thai partners in December 2014, where the tourist industry is well established to debate tourist promotion initiatives. Together with Germany, Norway, the Asian Investment Bank, Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia and Italy, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development also develops the tourist area.

Norway and the Asian Investment Bank are currently implementing the Master Plan for Myanmar Tourism with 500 million dollars. Burma plans to increase the number of tourists to 7. Recently, the Spanish authorities expressed the intention to open the Tourism Access Bank this year to finance facilities, travel agencies and related business developments.

Tin Tun Aung, co-general of the Myanmar Tourist Federation, said the bench has already been authorised by the Myanmar authorities to start work. A number of international hoteliers have opened and are planning several properties in different towns. Total FX investments in the hospitality and travel industry have obtained $1. 9 billion with 42 firms to build over-the-country hotels mostly in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Kawthoung, Techilek and Myeik, according to the Directorate of Investments and Company Administration.

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