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Burma Tour Packages

After you know the price of the Myanmar travel package, where to go and what to do, you can organize your own trip to this beautiful country. You can browse through our exclusive range of Burma tours and book online with Travelbag. You will find exclusive offers for group, individual and adventure travel in Burma. Burma is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. Myanmar highlights with our affordable Myanmar Tour Package from Manila Philippines.

Get a Myanmar trip pack at a great value

After you know the cost of the Myanmar travel pack, where to go and what to do, you can organize your own trip to this wonderful state. Here you will find useful hints for your own trip! Myanmar has three seasons: fall, wet weather and drought.

Of these, fall is the best time of year for Myanmar (from November to February) when it rains less and the climate is more soothing. It is also the high peak of Myanmar Tours packages, which leads to a high cost, so it is wise to travel in low seasons if you want to economize.

One of the most frequent ways to get to Hanoi or Hochiminh is to fly from Vietnam Airlines to Yangon or take a walk from Thailand or Laos to Myanmar. Outward and return tickets Hanoi - Yangon cost about 6-7 million Swiss francs. However, if you are able to buy a rebate voucher, you can cut the cost by half, which is about 2.7 million VIP.

If you want to go on a Myanmar trip from one town to another, you can buy a plane or bus tickets. If you are flying in Myanmar domestically, you should consider one of the following low-cost airlines: One of the most important things to consider when planning your trip to Myanmar is the hotel rate.

Myanmar's costs for accommodation are significantly higher than in other Asian states. Favourable prices can be achieved through negotiations. Today Agoda is the most popular reservation website in the whole wide web, with a fast and inexpensive services, where you can book up to 40% less.

A few perfect places for Myanmar tours are shown below: lnle lee region: If you have a travel parcel to Myanmar, it will be a great waste if you jump over one of the following destinations: Temple and Pagoda in the antique town of Bagan, Inle Sea, which is associated with the lives of a fisher, Gold Rocks or Ubein - the longest trek brigde in the atlantic.

A few of Yangon's renowned rides are Swedagon Pagode, Sule Pagode and Boyoke Center-Mart. If you are looking for Bagan, don't miss to see here some of the world' s most beautiful places like Dhamma Yangyi, Shwezigon, Ananda, Sulamani Pahto, Thatbyinnyu Pahto. As Myanmar's travel locations are very far apart, it will take at least 7-10 working nights to get to know them all.

A proposed route for Myanmar is Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Inle - Yangon. This is the prize for visiting Myanmar's most prestigious sights (2013): - Pagoda (Kyauk Tan): 1$; Kyaik Khauk Pagoda (Thanlyin): 1$; Maha Wizaya Pagoda: 200kyat; Karaweik (on Kandawgyi Lake): 1.000kyat.

Myanmar's taverns should be there for you to sample the specialties here with many different dishes. Myanmar also has westerly cuisine. A number of renowned Myanmar in Bagan are Queen Restaurant, Golden Emperor Restaurant, Moon Vegetarian and Myanmar Foods House. A few of the most popular places in an inlet are Golden Kite, Smilling Moon, Green Chilli and Aurora.

  • Myanmar is a land full of forests and precious stones. You should ask for the purchase and try to negotiate before buying, even if it is a highlighted one. - Every expatriate tourist should have a visa before entry into Myanmar, issued by the Embassy and which must be in force at the moment of entry or exit.
  • You should negotiate half the cost of purchasing a souvenir. - The rental of coaches costs 20.000 - 25.000 Kyat/day, for electric bicycles 6.000 Kyat/day, for ships in Inle-See 20.000 - 25.000 Kyat/day.

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