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Myanmar (Burma) One or more countries visited on this tour require an entry visa before departure. Myanmar's Best Tour Operator - Review of TripBuilder Myanmar, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar I was very impressed with the way the trip was done and the way the trip was planned. Mr. Myint Miat, who has worked effectively with us to make our trip schedule a true delight. The Myint Miat always provided us with options and advice to make our choice, and he is a true Myanmar specialist in his travels, cultures and hotels, allowing us to create a truly tailor-made, impeccable route.

If I had questions during the journey or wanted to make changes to my route, he had answered my e-mails immediately. Thank you Myint Miat. The tour leaders at every travel stop spoke English perfectly and offered a great team! Burma is a beautiful land and a real gem to be visited.

Come and see it now, when it is still untouched and without masses of people and you can enjoy its abundant cultural heritage and breathtaking youth! It is definitely the kind of agent to use when you' re in Myanmar!

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Enter "Agents" in the espyglass features above for the latest post or PM me. This February's journey was organised by Kyaw Khaing of One Stop Myanmar and he did a very good work. He' also has some other good ratings here in TA. We' also used Kyaw (Joe) Khaing from One Stop Myanmar....he is an authority on Myanmar under the name Kkym...our January this year.

Me and my daugther traveled with them for a 10-day tour and it was great. When' d'you leave? To help prospective travellers, please submit your ratings of Myanmar hotels - and a check of your journey would also be a great help. I' m working with Kyaw at OneStop right now.... he was very reactive and supportive with all our changes of plan and issues.

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