Myanmar Tour Itinerary

Burma Itinerary

We have planned to visit Myanmar. There is hardly a country in the world without a golf course, and Myanmar is no exception. The classic Myanmar tour is just one example of the excursions we organize. The Best of Burma itinerary explores the most famous destinations in the country! Experience the ancient city of Bagan, Myanmar by air, land and river.

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With Myanmar now open to international audiences after a century and a half of insulation, this is the ideal occasion to explore this varied, cultural wealth. What makes you think Myanmar is your next target? Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is the biggest nation in Southeast Asia and borders China, Laos, Thailand, India and Bangladesh.

Myanmar, like the Philippines, was taken over by the United Kingdom and Japan, but finally gained its autonomy. Naypyidaw (or Nay Pyi Taw) is the new capitol, while the biggest is Yangon. Do you plan a trip to the new capitol? The Naypidaw is only five hours from Yangon by car!

Myanmar has seven major ethnical groups - Burman, Karen, Shan, Han Chinese, Mon, Yangbe and Kachin. In this article you can read about my week-long trip to Myanmar, which allowed me to see four major cities: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Nyaung Shwe, where Inle Lake is now.

The Iniwa Island Tour: Please note: Visitors arriving by bus in Nyaung Shwe must foot the bill for the Inle Zone, which I prepaid before arriving in Nyaung Shwe. The Inle Lake Boat Tour (?): Half day Yangon tour: For a more relaxing Myanmar trip, you can extend your stay to two week or longer.

But in a single day it is possible to see most of Myanmar's most popular travel destination and the four big towns - but with a really busy timetable when you look at this one.

Beautiful Myanmar Itinerary (15 days/14 nights)

Pick-up and care on your return and transportation to your chosen city. In the evenings visiting Shwedagon Pagoda climbs 326ft (99. 3m) above its bottom. Dine at the Karaweik Restaurant with Myanmar Culture Show. Accommodation in Yangon. Reception at the motel. Checking out of the motel after having finished your morning meal and transferring to the beach to Mandalay International Airfield.

The Mandalay is the second biggest town and the last kingly capitol of Burma. Trip to Amarapura, capitol of Mandalay for the visits of mills of silk. In the mornings you' ll see the Amarapura Mahagandayone Convent, where over a thousand nuns live. Continuation by ferry to Inwa (Ava). Inwa' s most beautiful sight is the 1834 Tea Bagaya Cloister.

Maha Aungmye Bonzan, also known as Me Nu Ok Kyaung, the tile construction of 1818 is in the same architectural styles as the usual teaak cloisters. Transfers to Mandalay and visits to Mahamuni Golden Buddha Image, cast bronzes and marbles from artisan districts and goldfields. Transfers to the hotels and check-in.

Accommodation in Mandalay. Reception at the motel. In the morning you will take a 1 hour cruise to Mingune, on the west shore of the Ayeyarwady River. Arrival in Mingune, visiting the giant incomplete Mingunagoda, which was constructed between 1790 and 1797 and divided by an 1838 seism. Thein Mya Tan Pagode a picture of the Sulamani pit on the summit of Mount Meru in the Tavatimsa plain of the Nat.

Return by ferry to Mandalay. The Ku Tho Daw Pagoda, also known as the biggest books in the word, is set in 729 plates of Buddhist inscriptions. Constructed in 1857 by King Mindon after the Shwezigon Pagoda at Nyaung U. It continues to the Golden Palace Monastery, which was once part of the palatial compound where King Mindon resided.

In the evenings we have a great sight of the Mandalay Mountain sundown. Accommodation in Mandalay. Reception at the motel. After visiting the silversmith workshops in the town of Yahtaung, you will reach U Min Thonze (Hall of Thirty Buddhas), Bald Oo Ponya Shin Pagoda, situated on the highest mountain, which provides a panorama look at the Ayeyarwady River and the broad Ayeyarwady-Valley.

Mahacedi Pagoda in the style of the Mahacedi Pagoda in Sri Lanka. In the afternoon we continue to Monywa (1 hour) and before you enter Monywa, you' ll see the Thanbodday Pagoda Komplex with more than 580,000 Buddha pictures, all in sitting or upright position. Arrival in Monywa, check-in at the motel. Situated on the east bank of the Chindwin River, Monywa is 84 km (135 km) from Mandalay.

Accommodation in Monywa. Reception at the motel. Checkout from the motel and ride to Po Win Taung, on the westerly banks of the Chindwin River. Cross Chindwin Bridge to visit the Po Win Taung and Shwe Ba Taung Pagoda caves about 26 km westwards of Monywa. Arrival in Bagan and check-in at the guesthouse.

If you have the necessary amount of free daylight, please come to one of the comfortable places or to watch the sundown. Accommodation in Bagan. Reception at the motel. At the end of your morning, you will begin your tour of the sights of Bagan. Situated on the shores of the Ayerwaddy River, Bagan is home to the biggest area of buddhistic temple, pagoda, stupas as well as remains of the worlds, many of them from the eleventh and twelfth centuries.

The Shwezigon of Myanmar is the first of Myanmar Pagodas, the prototypes of the later Myanmar stupas and the famed one. The Ananda Temple, one of the most attractive in Bagan, constructed by King Kyansitthar. Visiting Thatbyinnyu Temple, the highest in Bagan, Myinkaba Gu Byauk Gyi Temple with murals, then the Manuha Temple, which contains four huge Buddha pictures, Myinkaba Lakequerware Temple to see the production phases.

Watch the sun set from the Shwesandaw Pagoda. Accommodation in Bagan. Reception at the motel. Departure for the excursion to Mt. Popa about 50 km from Bagan. Visiting JAGGEGGER (palm sugar) manufacturing sheds. Then, head back to Bagan and see the Dhamayangyi Tempel, a giant reddish tile shrine constructed by King Narathu, and the Sulamani Tempel, a magnificent stately building constructed by King Narapati Sithu.

Accommodation in Bagan. Reception at the motel. Checking out of the motel after having finished your morning meal and transferring to Mandalay International to Heho. Pleasant weather 800 meters above sealevel, fruitful countryside, various kinds of flower and vegetable for all of Myanmar are picked here. The paper mills are also interested to see where hand made paper is made from the plantation of the Mulberry tree rind that has been sown.

Further interesting sights are oil-stained parasols used by friars and monasthood. Trip to Nyaung Shwe on the way photostop of Shwe Yan Pyay old cloister. Accommodation in Inle Lake City. Reception at the motel. Following breakfasts, a tour by ferry on the magnificent Inle Lake, home of the Inthar Nationals, many of whom are living in stilts dwellings on the waters.

The second biggest in Myanmar, Inle is 17.7 km (11 miles) long. During the cruise you will see marketplaces, swimming towns and swimming backyards, weavers of the Lots. They can also see Inthar techniques of limb waxing, where a foot is wound around the canoe to ride the boot and also their tradition of a fish.

In the afternoons: Visiting the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda and Nga Phe Kyaung, one of the oldest convents on the shores of the city. Reception at the motel. Following our breakfasts we will take a trip to Maing Thauk on the shores of shores of Lake Inle.

After lunch we have another cruise to Indein, at the west end of the lakes. This is one of the most beautiful cruises on the Inle Sea. Accommodation in lodge in Inle Lake. Reception at the motel. You will have lunch and then take a cruise to Sagar in the southernmost part of the area.

Arrival in Sagar after a boating ride approx. 3 hours. Sightsee Sagar and attend some ethical groups to learn about their everyday lives. You will be picked up at Phaekhone Steg and transferred to Loikaw (approx. 3 hours). Arrival in Loikaw, transfers to the hotels and check-in. Accommodation in Loikaw.

Reception at the motel. The Demawso market is open only on Wednesday and Saturday after breakfasts. Returning we discover more of Loikaw while visiting the towns of Ngwe Taung Dam and San Mone Padaung. The Kayah State Museum in the afternoons gives you an overview of the Kayah State region's cultural and traditional heritage.

Then you will go to a square near the church post villages used in April during the Kayah New Years. The tour continues with a stop at a local weavery. Savour the sundown and panorama of Loikaw, the Taungwe Taung Zedi hills. Accommodation in Loikaw.

Reception at the motel. At the end of the day we will go to the Pohperyone convent, where about 500 students study. Come to Kalaw, go to the local market and walk up the hillside to see the Old Catholic Church, Kalaw Station (built in 1918), the East Circular Road Kolonial Building, Nee Paya, interwoven with stripes of wallpaper and cloths immersed in mist.

Accommodation in Kalaw. Reception at the motel. Checking out of the motel after having finished your morning meal and transferring to Heho International to Yangon. You can also take a picture in the Sule Pagoda and the Town Hall. Drive to Botathaung Pagoda near Yangon Wharves. In the afternoons we' ll be visiting the Bogyoke (Scott) market (closed on Mondays and holidays) with the biggest choice of Burma craft.

Further to the lying Buddha in the Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda, is almost as big as the huge statue in Bago Shwethalyaung. From Kandawgyi Park you can take pictures of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Accommodation in Yangon. Reception at the motel.

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