Myanmar Tour Itinerary

Burma Itinerary

The WINGS Birding Tours to Myanmar - Itinerary. Burma Tours and river cruises on the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers. Visit the Yangon Circular Train Sightseeing Tour, market and lunch. Become a responsible tourist and support the local communities. Myanmar offers holiday packages, private tours and all travel services throughout Myanmar.

Burma Tours and Routes

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, can be experienced on this 12-day tour of highpoints. There is something for everyone, from the pulsating and colourful roads of the town of Yangon to the beautiful Inle Lake. Discover treasure in the lively market, unwind in the Kalaw and Shan Hills scenery and discover local cultures and religions while visiting old palaces and caves.

This itinerary is ideal for first-time Myanmar residents who want to explore the land through its peoples and stories. Three very different travel sites reflecting Myanmar's intricate and colourful past and its wealthy cultural heritage can be experienced in 8 get-togethers. The 8-day tour offers a view of the most important sights of Myanmar - Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake.

They eat with a native familiy, attend vibrant marketplaces and pilgrimages and relish the companionship of experienced native leaders who are sharing their histories and insight. Myanmar's amazing cultural heritage can be experienced on a 10-day trip through the Golden Land. Mandalay to Bagan and on to Yangon, every single working days you will be connected with the kind folk and the wealthy tradition of the area.

The tour concentrates on one-of-a-kind adventures that go beyond the classical sight-seeing holidays. Experience the best of Myanmar at a relaxing tempo on this two-week trip. Beginning and ending in Yangon, stop on your way through the old Bagan temple, exploring the former imperial capitol of Mandalay and overlooking the stunning water of Inle Lake.

We have also incorporated some neighbourhoods and secluded areas that are not found on most common trips in Myanmar. On this tour we will explore the secret places of Myanmar. In five get-togethers, from breathtaking scenery and country villages to the sun rise at the Golden Rock Picnic, you'll see some of Myanmar's best sights.

Myanmar's close south is a captivating, largely unknown place, combining peasant towns, rural past and unspoilt isles. To the east of Myanmar with its many stunning historic places and beautiful countryside. Walk through magic buddhistic memorials in Indein and Pindaya, tour Lake Inle and see unspoilt places by canoe.

You' ll be able to experience the breathtaking natural surroundings while getting a foretaste of the village and market area. The Ngapali Beach is a great place to rest and unwind after a strenuous tour of Myanmar's towns and monuments of culture. This is the right journey for you if you prefer to visit small towns, winding streams and breathtaking views.

Take a weekend to explore the secret places in northeastern Myanmar, where a varied mixture of historical places and mountain people's villages invites the fearless traveller. A five-day tour of Myanmar shows the best of both towns and makes sure you can build a real relationship with the local community and civilization. Be it as an introductory tour in Myanmar or as an addition to a stop in Yangon, this journey will certainly please the history-enthusiastic traveller.

The 8-day itinerary is intended for those who want to enjoy Myanmar's variety but have little to spare. You' ll explore the remains of Mandalay, walk through Bagan's vast array of worship sites, explore the magnificent Inle Lake and see the exhilarating mix of old and new in Yangon. Enjoy the best of Myanmar in a way that will excite children and grown-ups alike.

Make use of the most important travel destination, but with a wide range of enjoyable outdoor pursuits that combine you with Myanmar's riches. Prepare to see the miracles of Myanmar! However, most international travellers have no clue what to expects from the meal in Myanmar. Mandalay is a two-day sightseeing tour that will introduce you to the gastronomic traditions and flavours of Mandalay.

On this 8-day tour off the well-trodden paths, discover Myanmar - a culturally diverse and breathtaking landscape. You' ll see shimmering palagodas, tiny towns, drive down the Irrawaddy and capture the most popular sights of the area. Cycle through Yangon, Pindaya, Kalaw and Inle Lake to discover the best of Shan State.

No need to worry about the traditional coach holiday: put on your hiking boot, take a bicycle and take a feeling of adventures to explore the true Myanmar scenery. Take two-week explorations of the country's most important sights and treasures and connect more closely with the peoples and cultures that make Myanmar so unique.

View the best of Myanmar. From the pulsating town of Yangon to the temple-filled plain of Bagan, this brief but enlightening vacation stretches across a vast expanse of land.

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