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The local guides know their hometown better than anyone else and offer much better value for money. Have a look at our list of local Myanmar guides in major cities. Headquartered in Mandalay, Myanmar, we are a local leader. Enhance your Myanmar tours with a private Myanmar guide that gives you an insight into Myanmar's destinations, culture and customs. - All rates above are for tour guides only.

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As we do our best to provide you with the best tourist and tourist information to enable you to make an independant trip through southern Myanmar, we also recognize that it is sometimes enjoyable to go the simple way and be guided around. There''s no better way to appreciate the great Yangon town, which is impressed by its historic past and contemporary hustle and bustle than to explore on foot, and if you get a FREE TOUCH!

There is no need to just taxi into the parking lot opposite Townhall and look for a lot of other lost-looking visitors and a tour leader in a BAIGHT GREEN T-shirt. The Soe Brothers Guest House makes trips every day at 7:30 am, even if you do not live in your Guest House, you are welcome.

This trip leads to all important caverns, ponds and swimming baths around Hpa-an. It lasts the whole night and is less expensive than alone, the costs are $10, but if your tucco is full from $5 per adult, the AMATING VALUE. Thein Htaik (Sam) established Easy Travel Dawei as a private company.

He offers tailor-made trips through Dawei and its surroundings. We especially like his genuine guided tour of the villages and his secluded bath. An excursion with Sam and his Tuk Tuk costs your group about 40 dollars. There is no better way to discover the 800 missing isles of this magnificent island than to sail through, or perhaps you might want a scuba safari group.

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Here is our listing of Myanmar city' s personal leaders. have a look at my astonishing yangon touring and see 9 great places of yangon in one of them. Since I was 19 years old, I began working as a tourist leader after graduating from Dagon University in Yangon. So, I had to go to the hills and the country to learn geology.... Since then I was very interested in travelling.

So, I decide to work as a tourist manager. Looking for an expert historical and culture guides/drivers, photographers in Myanmar? I' m a Myanmar travel guide/driver. After I got my driver's licence, I now make both guides and drivers with my vehicle and want to exchange our rich culture with you and your mates.

Welcome to Myanmar. I am Toe Toe Toe Toe, bicyclist, hiking guidebook if you choose to do so. I' m a Myanmar licenced tourist information provider. In 2012 I received the licence as a tourist leader. I' m happy to help you with all your travel-related needs. Can I show you how to get around and which places in Myanmar are best suited to do so?

"Let's go exploring Myanmar together." Since 2011 I have been working as a tourist leader in Myanmar (Burma). At Rakhine State, in the west of Myanmar, I was borne and raised. The Myanmar tourist industry is expanding rapidly due to its rich culture, long tradition and friendly people. Myanmar is a place where more than 100 different ethnical groups have settled.

Having been a travel leader and former elementary student for over 18 years, I enjoy sharing my expertise about Burma and Myanmar. I have been welcoming you and inviting you to Myanmar since I received the certification in 2000, as I have been confronted with very bad tourist conditions in our land for a long while!

Hopefully you are looking for a friendly tourist guides for your Myanmar-trip. Myself or my mate can be your best travel agent if you decide to use our service. I' m Mrs. May Hnin (May Hninmu), I' m a graduated and licensed travel agent and travel agent in Myanmar. We have established our own cab group in 2015.

For those who want to discover local Myanmar towns and their way of living, as well as seasonsal tropic countryside on the way to Bagan, we offer personal transfers between Mandalay and Bagan. I like to drive around Myanmar, we are prepared to offer you the best service!

That is why I am there for you as a professionally qualified, licenced tourist guides who have been involved in the tourism sector for about two years and you can also call me "Htun" Dear client, Welcome to Myanmar!

Myanmar is full of nature reserves, its religious heritage, its ancient royal family, its flora and fauna and its native mountain range amuse the visitor with the help of Adventure, Nature & CulturalTourGuide. It is possible to make your own personalised holiday experiences by discussing your preferences and interests with your host before making your reservation.

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