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Burma travel guide

Myanmar is still very far advanced in tourism. We have designed our package tours so that you can get to know the whole country and the culture of Myanmar. Meeting Myanmar local is the place where you can learn more about the country from the perspective of Myanmar local. You should know all important information about Burma (Myanmar) before your Burma (Myanmar) tour. You can either participate in one of the Yangon Free Walking Tours or start on your own.

Myanmar travel guides

Would you like to rent a guide and a car/driver for the whole period of your stay? The majority of Burma's tourists are self-employed and employ local leaders according to their interests and budgets. Such as a guide to Bagan for a whole days, many temple to explore, Inle Lake Guide/Boatman, many things to see and do, customized to your interest.

Did you research or study the LP Guide, or did you see how the government's interest is in everyday living in Burma? The majority of unaffiliated, licenced tour operators receive all the funds you are paying, except for the taxes, etc. they are required to declare. To reach the most important attractions for most of Burma will take about 3 week, according to the season and your interest and foretaste.

They can interfere with coaches, taxis, buses, trains, planes and even boat, again everything will depend on your itinerary, your interest and your money. I organized my journey myself and with the help of the regular guests on this TT, as LP Burma Buch 2006.

Travel Guide to Yangon, Bagan, Mandaly, Inle Lake - Myanmar Forum

Hi, we travel Mayanmar in the first weeks of November and have been booking air fares and hotel accommodation, but I still need travel books for each place. Anyone have a referral travel guide in each of the places, and any advices on the anticipated rate to be paid? With whom did you make your flight and hotel bookings and why?

1 days - about 30 USD for guide. Simply try to get in touch with the authorities. They cannot directly get in touch with travel agents and receive via-agents. Advisors join forces with agents. It is not possible to reach them easily and it is hard to find them on TA at the time.

This is not a tour guide, but I don't think you have to cover both the costs for the guide and the drivers. I' ve just returned from Myanmar. In general we use One Stop Travel & Tours help: Hotel, airfares, transfers to and from the airports etc. However, places where you can ask for help from there. I' m recommending: This guide is strongly recommended.

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