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Locate your preferred inbound tour and book it with a travel agent in Myanmar for your next trip to Myanmar (Burma). The Magnificent Myanmar Travel and Tours Company Ltd, is a trusted travel agency in Myanmar. Largest travel agency for Asia, Burma, Myanmar. Burma travel website, Asia Travel web directory. Q: - Are you a licensed travel agency / Myanmar tour operator?

Thanks, darling.

Darling, I wanted to thank you very much for your plans for the journey to Mandalay and to the Inle Sea. One of the high points of our Myanmar voyage was the Golden Eagle Ballooning, although it was the most costly one we had on the tour. It was a one-of-a-kind and worthwhile flight.

The Golden Eagle is very recommendable! Thank you for organizing a beautiful vacation in Myanm..... I just want to thank your tour leader, not only for giving us a very well-informed tour through Yangon, but also for their sincerity. Thanks for organizing a nice balloon ride for us.

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Mawlamyine, 3-day tour will show.... One of our English language tour guides will..... Naga Land Expedition is a collection of sightseeings - visit at.... Chin Discovery tour is a collection of ancient Chinese culture sights..... Myanmar Delphin Expedition is one of the most astonishing excursions for wilderness and wildlife enthusiasts.

Elefant Horse Ride is for all travellers who enjoy the outdoors and adventures.

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Burma has recently opened its gates to the outside worlds after decade-long periods of solitary confinement, and now is the moment to discover this intriguing state. Every agency can organize hotel, flight, car hire, but a guidebook can make or cancel the itinerary. We select our language and culture resources to ensure an enlightening, genuine and useful link with the Myanmar community and to directly support the community's entrepreneurs.

Tours are a simple suggestion and can readily be adapted to your tastes, timetable, budget and interests. It is an interesting programme mainly used by first-time visitors to Myanmar and offers the traveller an intriguing approach to the 4 most important travel attractions in the state. The Classic Myanmar Tour is a great way for you to explore the mysticism and splendour of this wonderful area.

Our Myanmar supplier base allows us to offer you the best prices and the latest offers and share these sums. If you are interested in organizing group trips to Myanmar, please do not hesitate to do so. We had a marvellous time in Myanmar."

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