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Burma top sights illuminates the best activities in Myanmar/Burma. Myanmar Mandalay - Top picks for attractions and sightseeing. The most important sights in Myanmar: Myanmar's main attractions. The most important activities in Myanmar.

The top 5 sights on your travels to Myanmar

Travelling to Myanmar is an memorable adventure. Untouched and untouched, with its thousand shrines and sparkling peacocks, marked by its colorful cultural heritage and courteous, friendly people, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a one-of-a-kind place to be on your journey to Asia. Situated near Mandalay, with more than 2,000 shrines, the town gives the feeling of being really old.

The domicile of the pagan kingdom for hundreds of years, Bagan is the embodiment of the enchanted ancient ghost of Myanmar - a place of refuge for lovers of historical treasures. Don't miss a walk through the Nyaung U-Markt to discover some really beautiful sights and scents. Discover Mandalay on your travels to Asia.

Myanmar's last imperial capitol is also known as the "cultural centre of Myanmar". Mandalay is strongly affected by the flow of migrants from Yunnan and is home to various ethnical groups as well as a large number of monasteries, shrines, churches as well as mausoleums. Phaung Daw U Pagoda at the lakeside with its five gold-plated Buddha textures is especially interesting during the Septemberfest.

Pindaya, famed for its many pictures of Buddha in a complicated cave net, is about three kilometres from the town. You will be thrilled by the colourful roads and culture of Yangon, Myanmar's biggest trading centre! An old harbour in bloom, centuries-old tradition and shimmering temple make you fell in romance with this town.

Visiting the 2,500-year-old sparkling Shwedagon Necklace - this architectonic wonder hosts a host of stupas, shrines and sculptures, and the sparkling golden Necklace of the Necklace at sundown is a blur! With its long record of transformation and conflict, two things have stayed consistent in Myanmar - the courteous mind of perseverance and the annual Tingyan celebration.

The splash of drinking is still important to the Myanmar tribe - it is a purification rite to eradicate old sin and begin anew in the New Year. It is Myanmar's greatest feast - a period when the whole country comes out onto the street to shower each other with running waters, celebrate and show tribute to the god and their Elder through various outbursts.

You can hide on the more peaceful Ngapali or Kalaw beaches if the waterproof is not really your cup of tea. For individual travel to Asia click here. To plan your Myanmar journey now, click here.

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