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Burma had only one shot at our target in the game. Burma is exposing the supreme general who' s been in Rohingya's raid. YANGON: Myanmar's army said it fired a top general called in new European Union penalties against law enforcement officers indicted for serious breaches in the Rohingya crises, involving assassinations and sexually assaulted men. Burma is charged with raiding Rakhine state, forcing 700,000 people to escape, what the United Nations and the great countries of the West have called "ethnic cleansing".

His commanders have come under fire because they have taken little penalties against the army, which reacted its forces to Rohingya fighters' aggression. However, the army said in a Facebook mail on Monday (25 June) that Major General Maung Maung Soe, the former chief of Rakhine's West Division, had been "cleaned up" because of underachievement.

He was announced after the EU said he was among the seven guards affected by assets freezing and banning travellers, but Myanmar did not associate his release with the new penalties. Facebook Mail said that Maung Maung Soe was reallocated for the first time last November and that his distance from his West Kommando stance was "to check his responsibilities for his vulnerability while working for the state of Rakhine's stability".

Last year, Maung Maung Soe was also the subject of US penalties for the Rohingya war. On Monday Canada said it would also impose penalties on the same seven people appointed by the European Union. They were targetted for "involvement in or connection with horrors and serious breaches of fundamental freedoms against the Rohingya people in the state of Rakhine in the second half of 2017", the EU said.

"Illegal killing, acts of sexually assault and the systemic cremation of Rohingya homes and structures are among these violations." The majority of Rohingya returnees have taken up residence in poor refugee centres in neighboring Bangladesh and say they are too scared to go back to Myanmar, even though both sides have concluded readmission agreements. A lot of people say that they will not come back without a fundamental security guaranty.

Earlier this year the United Nations and Myanmar concluded an agreement to allow their agents to evaluate the local situation in Rakhine state, where they say they are not yet ready for a secure and volunteer returne. Myanmar's de facto Aung San Suu Kyi has been criticized worldwide for not campaigning for the Rohingya, even though followers say she has little command over the army's activities.

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