Myanmar top Destinations

Burma Top Destinations

Myanmar's top destinations. You can find a number of cheap hotels near top destinations like Yangon. It is now one of the most popular destinations in Myanmar and a business centre. The Mandalay, Inle Lake and Bagan are a must.

Myanmar 7 Days Itinerary

Enjoy the best of Myanmar in 1 weeks! There''s a great deal to see and do, but if you don't have much to do, take a look at our 7-day Myanmar route and explore the best 4 places to be! The majority of our guests land at Yangon International Airport and headlong into Myanmar's biggest and most shambles!

Remember to take out tourist health cover before every journey to Myanmar. The whole event takes place in downtown Yangon, where the roads are full of market and car-bumpers. That is the real core and spirit of Yangon, where Buddhist believers mingle in perfect symbiosis with overseas visitors.

It is one of the most memorable high points of Myanmar. The other things you can see and do in Yangon are: Take a overnight coach from Yangon to Nyaung-Shwe or take a flight to Heho, both gates to Inle Lake. Rent a long tail for a full days trip through Lac Inle and see a number of towns and monasteries.

Included in a standard trip are visits: There is much to see and do, but nothing surpasses the peace and quiet of just being on the lakes. Intha live in the 4 towns around Allessee. One of the most beautiful days on Inle lake, they will be clear sky and brightly coloured cloudy snow over a background of gentle slopes reflected in the tranquil, shimmering waters.

From Inle Lake, take a coach or plane to Mandalay. is recommended as a trusted place to stay in Myanmar. The last imperial capitol of Burma, Mandalay, King Mindon founded the town around the huge area of the King's Palace. The Mandalay Archaeological Zone Combined Pass (10,000k yat / $10.00 in 2014) is needed for the following locations: Before the last transfer to Mandalay, Myanmar's major towns were moved between the towns of Amarapura, Sagaing and Inwa.

All Mandalay routes should include these places - they can be booked on a full-time Mandalay route, with a guided walking route or via personal taxis. Finally, don't go to Bagan - from Mandalay, take a flight, coach or canoe. You like Borobodur or Angkor Wat, you will be thrilled by the 1000 year old story of Bagan.

On a 42 kmĀ² large plateau there are about 2,000 to 4,000 buddhistic churches, palagodas and convents - take a look at this beautiful Bagan Fotot-journal. Are some of the best sanctuaries in Bagan: There are many different groups of major stamps, but a walk through Bagan is not convenient, especially under the blazing sundown.

Instead, take a ride by road or horse-drawn carriage or ride an e-bike or cycle through Bagan. There''s a great deal to see and do in Bagan, but don't miss the climb to the top of a peak for dawn, or both. Yangon, Inle Lake, Manday & Bagan are the best 4 places to be found on every 7-day Myanmar route.

When you have more free travel options, take a look at our definitive Myanmar travel guide! Have you enjoyed exploring the top 4 sights in Myanmar? What is your favorite place in Myanmar?

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