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View 88302 travel reports and photos of tourist attractions in Myanmar. Explore the 2018 best colleges and universities in Myanmar in the uniRank University Ranking. 10, Technical University, Hmawbi, Hmawbi. View Facebook statistics from Myanmar's most popular sites such as 7Day News Journal, Eleven Media Group or BBC Burmese. By 2018 list of the 10 richest people in Myanmar - list of the richest people.

10 top instagram photo sites in Myanmar

Featuring centuries-old coughies, gentle hills, lost-back towns and stunning sundowns, Myanmar boasts a unique piece of eternal splendour that screams to be caught and share with the underworld. These are our tips for the most convincing instagram snapshots capturing the heart of Myanmar: At dawn you will hover in a paraglider over the antique town of Bagan for the final picture.

Looking at a ocean of infinite sanctuaries, cougars and Stupa rising from the mist. The monarchs of Bagan constructed these wonderful otherworldly skylines in the eleventh and twelfth century. On the floor you hire a bike and grab the pictures of the falling cagodas. Technology releases your hand to manipulate the giant conic networks that they pull out of Lake Inle.

These goosebumps from the old goat gantry are not for the faint-hearted! As you approach the dazzling viaduct, the train slowly creeps to a place where you have plenty of opportunity to take pictures. In a marvellous countryside of country towns, paddy fields and small mountains, you will find centuries of rock tombs deserted. You can take pictures of old churches in this little frequented provincial city - empty except for a few indigenous believers and newcomers.

There is a town not far from Bagan that has been abandoned in the past and still has a long history. The only Myanmar community where the kids are proud to be wearing their own set of round border knots. The old hairdo is known as Yaung Pay Souu and was probably created during the Bagan dictatorship around 1752.

Known as the Gold Skirt Pagoda, this giant gold block of stone is balanced on the side of the hills. The best way to see it in the evenings is when the gold cliff shines in the sunset. Shwedagon' s gold cupola with 5,448 sparkling stones and 2,317 jewels is dominating the Yangon city.

Come and see us at sunrise if you are looking for peace, but the most spectacular pictures will be in the early evenings, when the cupola mirrors the purple and scorched oranges of the sunset. Mandalay is one of the most popular places to photograph in Myanmar. The U Bein is the longest wooden deck in the whole wide area of the U Bein Group. It stretches almost 1200 meters across the lakes.

As the sun sets, you will catch the unbelievable scenery of the purple monk line crossing the viaduct.

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