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View 88284 travelogues and photos of tourist attractions in Myanmar. Myanmar's top 10 attractions. 31 March 2017 Myanmar. Are you planning a trip to Myanmar and wondering which sights you should not miss? These are Myanmar's top 10 best tourist attractions in such a mysterious nation.


Myanmar's international sports are chinlon, a kind of six-man soccer game where the goal is to keep a braided wicker arena game upwind. Myanmar's tradition is traditionally served with lettuce from fermentations. The majority of Myanmar vehicles have right-hand drive but are used on the right-hand side of the street.

Myanmar is six and a half hour before GMT. Myanmar, Bangladesh, East Timor, Guatemala, Israel, St. Lucia and Yemen have won more Nobel Prizes than they have medal. The majority of Burma kittens come from Wong Mau, a young woman who was taken from Burma to America in 1930.

Myanmar's Top 10 Sights

Do you plan a journey to Myanmar and ask yourself which places of interest you should not miss? Archeological marvels, unspoilt palm-fringed shores, views of gigantic caverns and tranquil seas - there are many good reason to explore Myanmar. We have introduced the 10 most important attractions in Myanmar, one of Asia's fastestgrowing tourist attractions.

One of Myanmar's most holy places where every Buddhist in Burma wants to make at least one trip to the holy peak of Kyaiktiyo. Situated on the edge of a hill, with a view of a ravine that plunges more than 1,000 ft down into the canyon.

According to legends, this giant cliff is only protected by one of Buddha's hair and its mystic atmosphere is known to proselytize people. Amarapura near Mandalay is one of the most famous and beautiful places in the world. Ngapali is located on the Bay of Bengal in the far western part of the island. It is the most famous seaside resort in Myanmar and a true attraction for those who are looking for the ideal place to relax.

Mrauk U is one of the most important archeological site in Myanmar (the second most important after Bagan), the remnants of the powerful Arakan Empire that once governed this country. You will find over 700 coupons and churches, mostly made of stones, scattered in a still populated countryside with peasant farms and small hamlets.

The site attracts relatively few traffic, mainly because the only way to get to it is through a long trip along the canal. This only reinforces the feeling of respect and adrenaline. In addition to the magnificent hills, ponds and sanctuaries that characterize this area, Hpa-An is home to some of Myanmar's most spectacular Caverns. Scattered with tens of old lime stone caverns, the scenery serves as naturally occurring buddhistic shrine buildings with breathtaking sculptures, marble tombstones and carved walls.

It flows from the Himalayas to the Andaman Sea and is Myanmar's longest and most important one. Many of the country's most important sights, such as Bagan and Yangon, are passed and are quickly becoming a favourite cruise destinations. Travelers get an incomparable view of the heartland, past small rustic towns, fishermen's settlements, couples, temples and colorful market.

Drive past quiet nature beauties and experience a fantastical animal world on the way. One of Myanmar's greatest assets of nature is this picturesque fresh water pond in the east of the state. Myanmar's capitol, Yangon, is full of intriguing attractions, and nothing is more stunning than the gold-clad Shwedagon Pagoda - one of the most stunning Asian monuments of Buddhism and an important target of Myanmar.

Situated in the centre of the town, the 2,500-year-old stupa is decorated with 27 tonnes of fine silver leaves and tens of thousand of shiny stones that make it look almost dazzling in the sun. The majority of Myanmar's former capitol drive directly to the famous Mandalay-Palast.

However, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking bird's eye views over the town and the countryside from the 760 foot. andalay Hill. Once at the top, you' ll enjoy the panorama views over Mandalay, which includes the sparkling Irrawaddy River winding along the lowlands and the foggy verdant hill on the skyline. Myanmar's main touristic destination is without a doubt the exalted mediaeval town of Bagan, which houses more than 2,000 monasteries, cougars and stupas stretching across the wide expanses of land eastward of the Irrawaddy River.

Walk or hire a bike or cow truck to see the high points, which include the famed Ananda with its sparkling twin-tower. If you want a truly unforgettable adventure, take a scenic flight over Bagan at dawn and enjoy a breathtaking view over the pure size of this age-old town.

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