Myanmar to Thailand Air Ticket Price

Burma to Thailand air ticket price

Receive a warning if Yangon (Rangoon) prices fall to Bangkok. More reliable tickets are purchased through a travel agency at the same price as the published fare. The most popular destinations in Myanmar. A list of international direct flights to and from Yangon. Flying from Myeik to Yangon.

Flight ticket to Bangkok with campaign

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Another Thailand carrier is planning to operate in Myanmar - Xinhua

YANGON, June 28 (Xinhua) -- Another Thailand carrier, TLA, plans to start flying between Bangkok and Yangon on July 22. It is one of the subsidiary companies of the Indonesian Lion Air Group, which is headquartered in Thailand. The TLA will travel from Bangkok to Yangon twice a day, providing each of its passengers with 30 kg of hold luggage and 15 kg of sports gear free of charge, the state press quotes Captain Darsito Hendrosepputro, CEO of TLA.

Five carriers currently operate Thai Airways, Thai Smile, Bangkok Airways, NOK Air and Air Asia from Thailand to Myanmar. The Myanmar carriers operating Bangkok are Myanmar National and Myanmar Airways International with day-to-day services. Meanwhile, a Royal Netherlands carrier, Royal Netherlands CLM, will soon be operating to Yangon following an air services deal between Myanmar and the Netherlands in May.

Twenty-five multinational carriers now fly Myanmar in comparison to ten national carriers, the press states.

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